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How to Backup and Restore Sony Xperia X in One Click


SONY has brought a new X Xperia series of mobile phones in MWC 2016 international Mobile Communications Conference, including Xperia X Performance, Xperia X and Xperia XA, set for the high end of the market respectively. Although without the rumors of Z6, Xperia X series still has some obvious changes.

Key specs:

  • MODEL: Xperia X
  • DIMENSIONS: 143 x 69 x 7.7 mm
  • BATTERY SIZE: 2620 mAh
  • SCREEN SIZE: 5 in
  • SCREEN: 1920 x 1080 pixels (441 ppi)
  • FRONT CAMERA: 13 megapixels
  • REAR CAMERA: 23 megapixels
  • ANDROID VERSION: 6.0 - Marshmallow
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • CHIPSET: Qualcomm Snapdragon 650
  • backup sony xperia x


    The safety of personal data is very important in this information age, and it can be unsafe by only saving your data in the mobile's internal memory, your data will gone permanently once something goes wrong with your smartphone, or just get your phone lost or stolen. Therefore, synchronizing your data to your PC regularly can be really important. Since you’ve got a new phone, like Sony Xperia X, you can follow this article to learn how to backup and restore it simply in one click.

    How to Backup Sony Xperia X to Computer in One Click

    What you need: Syncios Data Transfer

    DownloadDownload data transfer mac

    1.Download and install Syncios Data Transfer on your computer, connect your Sony Xperia X to the computer with USB cable.

    Connect your Sony Xperia X

    2. Click “Backup” on the homepage, and you’ll see the following interface, which allows you to select what types of data you’d like to backup. Click “Start Copy” button after finished selecting the content of course, you are able to choose the path where your data will be saved by click ”…” button on the right side of panel. Tips: During the process of backup, please make sure your Xperia X connected well with the computer to avoid unknown mistakes.

    backup Sony Xperia X

    3. With the above steps done, your data will be saved to your computer successfully, you’ll get a windows popped out to remind you of success, and you can check the backup with the automatic opening of folder.

    How to restore Sony Xperia X

    Syncios Data Transfer not only support backup but also restoring, which means that you are able to restore your previous backup, simply follow the steps below.

    1. Launch Syncios Data Transfer, connect your Xperia X to the computer, then click the “Restore” button on the homepage, you are able to see the following panel.

    2. Select the backup on the left side you’d like to restore, and check the content on the middle of the panel, with all of these done, click “Start Copy” button to get the backup files restored to your Xperia X. Don’t forget to assure that your phone was connected well with the computer to avoid unknown mistakes.

    restore Sony Xperia X

    Tips: Syncios also supports transferring your Sony Xperia X backup files to other samprtphones or tablet, like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Huawei,Xiaomi, LG, Moto, etc, which means that you are able to share data with others and it brings convenience when you swicth to a new phone. Click here to learn more about which content could be transfered between different platforms.

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