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How to Remove Google Play Music DRM on Android

Songs purchased from Google Play Music contains DRM protection, which limits you using their web application to listen to it or loging in the same Google Play account. If you want to switch to a new Google Account or change primary email addresses, you might lost those audio files. Because of the DRM restriction, you are not allowed to transfer those music files to another device or account.

remove drm from google music

Google hides their DRM in a hidden ID3 tag that is not easily removable by conventional means. Fortunately, for Android phone user, they are able to remove audio DRM from Google Play Music or streaming music easily with the Syncios Audio Recorder App.

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How to Remove DRM Restriction from Google Play Music on Android

Step 1 : First, you have to install Syncios Audio DRM Removal App on your rooted Android phone or tablet. Click on the icon to launch the App. Then, a task bar would pop out and always apear on top.

Tips: Guide on how to root Android phone or tablet.


Step 2 : Launch Google Play Music on your phone. Then, choose and play a song you'd like to remove DRM protection from it.

launch google music on android


Step 3 : Now, tap on " play " (the second) icon to start recording music.

Tips: you are able to custom the Output Directory and enable silence gap detecting while capturing stream music by clicking " setting icon ".


Step 4 : Tap again " play " to stop recording

recording google music


Step 5 : The App capture Google Play Music to MP3 (*.mp3) without DRM restriction. After finished recording, you can click on " playlist icon " to browse and paly back the audio files .


That's it! You now are able to transfer those songs to PC easily, or share music with friends from your Android to iPhone, iPad, iPod freely.

play music without drm restriction


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