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How to Backup Your Old Android Phone Data to New LG G6

Your old Android phone lags? Looking forward to the new LG G6 that just unveiled? The new released LG G6 comes with a full-vision design, upgraded dual camera system. And LG G6 now is water and dust resistant, carries an IP68 rating. All of the features make it be a great alternative for your old Android phone, even if you are not a LG addict. And this tutorial is here to help you easily switch your old Android Phone including Samsung, Huawei, Moto, Xiaomi, HTC, etc. to the new LG G6, and transferring all your data from old Android to the new LG G6 with ease.

LG G5 and G6

Before the data transferring process, we sincerely recommend a third-party tool to help. Syncios Data Transfer, a great handy tool not only supports backing up and restoring your smartphone data, but also allows you to transfer all your content such as contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, music, videos, etc from one phone to another, cross-platform supported as well. Besides, there are more features, such as restore iTunes playlist and iTunes&iCloud backup to your phone.

Step 1 Install and run Syncios Data Transfer

Download and install the compatible version on your computer from below. To transfer photos, music, videos, text messages, contacts, bookmarks, call log from old Android to LG G6, click "start" button under "Phone to Phone Transfer" section.

Win Version
Mac Version

old Android to LG G6 transfer


Step 2 Sync selected data to LG G6.

Connect both of your phones to Syncios via USB cables, and both phones are supported being connected via WiFi. To switch data from old Android to LG G6, you are flexible to check the data on the middle panel. Then, click Start Copy.

The old Android would be showed in left panel and LG G6 could be detected as target phone, otherwise, you can click on "Flip" button to exchange the source and target device .

transfer old Android to LG G6


Step 3 Migrate data from old Android to LG G6

The transferring process would be launched automatically and after the transfer progress is done, click "OK" to end it.

Now, you can see the old Android contacts, text messages, videos, photos, music, bookmarks on LG G6. Download the handy tool and follow the steps to transfer data from old Android to new LG G6.

sync old Android to LG G6

Supported Devices: Support all series of Android phones including LG, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Moto, OnePlus, Sony, etc. and the latest Android Nougat version.


Q1: What to do if my devices are not being detected by Syncios Data Transfer?

For iOS devices: Click here.

For Android devices: Click here. Android devices can also connect Syncios via WiFi.


Q2: Why some options are not able to be selected?

Currently, Notes, E-books and App data are not supported being transferred. You can learn more from here.


Q3: What are the differences between free version and paid version of Syncios Data Transfer?

The free version supports transferring/backing up/restoring five items of each category, paid version supports transferring all data.

And for more questions, please feel free to contact our support via Email. We are glad to hear from you.

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Sync old Android to LG G6

Win Version
Mac Version