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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Moto G6

Moto G6 has extended the 5.7-inch today to inhabit an 18:9 aspect ratio complete with improved Full HD+ resolution. Facial recognition now joins the phone's fingerprint sensor with regards to unlocking, there's USB-C fast-charging on-hand and the new rear dual cameras are set within a fresh, curved glass and metal design.

It's quite a little bit difficult to transfer data across iOS and Android. But now, this transferring work can be a piece of cake with the help of Syncios. Syncios Manager and Syncios Data Transfer both can transfer your iPhone data to this new Moto G6. You can learn more from the following passages.

iphone to moto g6

Tool 1: Transfer from iPhone to Moto G6 directly by using Syncios Data Transfer

No need to worry of transferring data from iOS to Android anymore. Syncios Data Transfer can help you transfer multiple contents from iPhone to Moto G6 directly.

Win Version
Mac Version

Step 1:

To switch data from iPhone to Moto G6 directly, please download and install Syncios Data Transfer on your computer first. Then launch Syncios Data Transfer and select 'Phone to Phone Transfer' module at the first interface.

select restore from pc

Step 2:

Now connect your iPhone and Moto G6 to computer via USB cable. Please notice that your iPhone must on the Left-Source side and your Moto G6 must on the Right-Target side. If not, please click 'Flip' to change their positions. You can choose the content you want which show in the middle of the panel. Finally click 'Start Copy' to launch the transferring process.

ios to moto g6 directly

Tips: If you encounter any detection problem during the process, please check iOS / Android for help.

Tool 2: Transfer certain contents by using Syncios Manager

With Syncios Manager in hand means you have the super powerful phone manager and fully function of Syncios Data Transfer. You can manage, backup, restore your phone everywhere.

Please download and install Syncios Manager on your computer first. We will demonstrate you how to transfer iPhone photos to Moto G6 both in the forms of folder and file.

Win Version

Export iPhone data

Please connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. We need to export iPhone photos to computer first. Then select 'Photos' option on the left panel. Whole photo folder or certain photos are all can be transferred. More specific steps are showing below.

Export photo folder: Please select the certain photo album you want and click 'Export' button on the menu bar. Then choose your saving path and click 'Export' to launch.

Export certain photos: Please double click the certain photo album to enter, then you can select multiple photo file and click 'Export' to transfer. Choose your saving path and click 'Export' again to launch.

export iphone photo file to vivo v9

Import iPhone data to Moto G6

After exporting iPhone photos successfully we can now do operations on Moto G6. Please connect your Moto G6 to computer via USB cable. Then go to select 'Photos' option on the left side. After Syncios finished to sync your phone, click 'Add' button on the menu bar and two adding form will list on it - 'Add File' and 'Add Folder'.

Import photo folder: Select 'Add Folder' to import whole photo folder. Then you can select the certain iPhone photo folder you've just export earlier. Finally click 'OK' to launch.

Import certain photos: Please choose 'Add File' to import certain photo file. Then you can select the certain iPhone photo file you want and click 'Open' to launch.

transfer photo file to moto g6

Supported OS: iOS 5 - iOS 14 / Android 3.0 - Android 11

Supported Files: Contacts, Text messages, Call logs, DCIM photos, Pictures, Music, Videos, Apps, Bookmarks

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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Moto G6

Win Version
Mac Version