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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to OPPO F5

OPPO rides this tech train with their newest smartphone release. The F5 is OPPO's first nearly borderless smartphone. With a screen ratio of 18:9 and new AI built into its beauty mode, the brand which brought us the Selfie Expert is now bringing a device they claim can "capture the real you." Syncios can achieve to transfer contents across different operation systems. Now you can learn how to transfer data from iPhone to Oppo F5 through this passage. Let's start to learn these!

iphone to oppo f5
Use Syncios Data Transfer to achieve one click transfer

Step 1: Launch Syncios Data Transfer, connect iPhone and Oppo F5 to computer

Select the 'Phone to Phone Transfer' module in the first interface. Click on 'Start' button and connect your phones to computer via USB cable (iOS detection problem / Android detection problem) or use Wi-Fi to connect (This function only face to Android devices, and please make sure your Android phone and computer are in the same network).

phone to phone transfer selected

Step 2: Ensure your devices are in the correct position

Once Syncios successful to synchronize your devices, they will be displayed on the interface. Please ensure that iPhone is on the left side (Source) and Oppo F5 is on the right side (Target). If not, click on 'Flip' button to switch the position of two devices. Check the contents you would like to transfer from iPhone to Oppo F5 after Syncios finished loading data. Click "Start Copy" button. All you need to do is wait till complete!

iphone to moto m transfer directly

You can also restore iphone backups to Oppo F5

Select 'Restore from PC' and choose the iPhoen backups you've made before, then click 'Start Copy' to launch the recovering precedure. You can also restore from iTunes and iCloud backups. Also use the same method we introduce before.

restore iphone backups to oppo f5 restore iphone backups from other forms to oppo f5

Use Syncios Manager to select the certain contents

Syncios Manager can let you select the specific contents to transfer. First, install and launch Syncios Manager on your computer, then connect iPhone and Oppo F5 to computer via USB cable. Encounter detection problem please click iOS detection problem / Android detection problem.

Step 1: Export iPhone data for prepare

Click iPhone first then point the category you'd like to transfer. Here we choose 'Photos' as an example. Choose the photo album you would like to transfer, and if you want to transfer the specific photos, just simply double click the photo album and choose the photo of your willing. Then click 'Export' and choose your saving path for prepare.

export iphone data

Step 2: Import iPhone data to Oppo F5

Now click Oppo F5 to do the following operations. Choose the category for import. If you want to import the whole photo album, just click 'Import' directly and choose the photo folder. Otherwise double click the certain album to import the specific photo file. Also simply click 'Import' and choose the file.

import iphone data to oppo f5

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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to OPPO F5

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