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How to Transfer Photos between Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and PC

Smartphones are now responsible for the majority of photos that are taken. The downside is that these photos, collectively over time, take up a lot of room. Throw in videos, time-lapses, burst shots, snaps, and uncompressed RAW files, and you can easily fill up a device. Users don’t always edit, back up, or delete their photos, turning their phones into digital graveyards. If you want to archive your photos to use later, then you want to make sure you know how to transfer photos from an Android phone to a PC.

It will not only free up space, but you can store them safely for future viewing. In today’s time we all are busy in our tight schedules with our devices in our hands with no security of the data inside it. To keep our data safe there are various methods to store them in the secondary storage, make their backups in the mobile itself, in drop box or by Google backup. The data mainly consists of the photos of any individual which means a lot to each one of us so to keep them secure. There are two methods to transfer photos between your Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and computer, and they are all easy — so make your choice and start snapping.

You can jump to the part you prefer or follow every method one by one.

 Method 1. One-Click to Backup and Restore Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Photos

Step 1 : Download and installSyncios Data Transfer to your computer then launch it. Four modules will appear on the homepage: Phone to Phone Transfer, Backup to PC and Restore from PC, Restore Phone from iTunes, Restore Phone from iCloud. We need to find the button Backup to PC under 'Backup to PC and Restore from PC' mode.

Syncios data transfer

Step 2 : For better manage your phone with the third-party tool, you need turn on the USB debugging mode on your Xiaomi Mi 8 SE before connecting to computer. Then Syncios will detect your device and load all data, then list them on the middle box.

Step 3 : Tick off the check box behind Pictures and DCIM Photos, and you can also select other contents if you need. Then tap on Start Copy. Wait for data transferring with patience. After a while, all pictures and photos are saved to computer.

backup Xiaomi Mi 8 SE photos and pictures to PC

Step 4 : To restore those photos or other data you've backed up with Syncios to Xiaomi Mi 8, go find Restore from PC. Syncios could detect the previous backup(s) and list them on the left panel. Select one backup and tick off DCIM Photos and Pictures on the middle content box, then click on Start Copy to restore those photos to your Xiaomi Mi 8.

restore Xiaomi Mi 8 SE photos and pictures from PC

 Method 2. Backup and Restore Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Photos Selectively

Step 1 : Download and installFree iOS & Android Mobile Manager to your computer and launch the program properly. You'll be asked to turn on the USB debugging mode on your Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

Step 2 : The data of your Xiaomi Mi 8 SE will be categorized and list on the left sidebar: Apps, Contacts, SMS, Media (Music and Video), Photos. To backup and restore photos, we definitely go to Photos.

Step 3 : After checking all photos of Xiaomi Mi 8 SE with Syncios, select a photo album or select multiple photos from a photo album, then click on Export. Remember to browse for a proper saving location before performing.

transfer Xiaomi Mi 8 photos to computer

Step 4 : When you need to restore those photos or import other photos from computer, you can enter a photo album and click on Import to import multiple photos into the photo album. Or just navigate to Add button on the 'Album List' to import a photo folder at once. If you choose Add > Add File, the photos will be transferred to 'Photo Stream' automatically.

transfer photos to Xiaomi Mi 8

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