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Edit & Record Music to Different Formats

With absolute ease, you can record your favorite songs and albums into commonly accepted audio formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. This feature provides you with the flexibility to choose the audio format that best suits your needs and device compatibility. Once the recording process is complete, you can take advantage of the convenience of editing these audio files directly on your computer. Whether you want to cut, merge, or make any other changes, you can do so without facing any challenges or technical difficulties.

Keep High-Quality Audio Quality

This tool grants you the flexibility to customize the audio format, bitrate, and sample rate according to your preferences. Moreover, it supports batch editing & recording, meaning you can process multiple music files simultaneously for efficiency. Despite these modifications, all your music files will retain their original sound quality. This ensures that your listening experience is not compromised, regardless of your changes.

Keep High-Quality Audio Quality
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We pledge to consistently update our software to stay compatible with the most recent Windows & macOS versions. Enjoy the benefit of free regular upgrades and technical support, demonstrating our commitment to your satisfaction and ensuring a seamless user experience with our program.

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