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How to Back Up iTunes Store TV Shows from iPod to Your PC

Your iPod can be used for more than listening to music. You can either watch TV on it, or purchase TV shows in iTunes and sync them to your iPod for your viewing pleasure. You would also want to transfer your favorite TV shows from iPod back to your computer in case of losing.

Now, you need to find a reliable program to transfer TV shows from iPod to computer. It is wise of you to use a third party program – Syncios iPod to computer transfer, which is specially designed for iPod fans to backup iPod contents to computer freely. With perfect compatibility and transferring function, this iPod Transfer can aid you in transferring various file types between iPod and PC at ease.

Here is the tutorial on transferring iPod TV shows to Computer:

Step One: Download and install Syncios iPod Transfer on your computer. Connect your iPod to computer with USB and launch Syncios iPod Transfer.


Note: iTunes must be installed on your computer for running this free Syncios iPod Transfer correctly. But you do not have to run iTunes.

It is worry-free from virus or any other protetial security hazards to your PC. After few seconds setting up process, you can check it's main interface. After connecting your iPod to computer, Syncios would recognize the device automatically. On the Syncios interface, you would find your iPod information like how much free space remains and etc.

Syncios iPod Transfer

Step Two: Backup TV Shows from iPod to PC

Go to the left panel of Syncios iPod Transfer, click Media tab, then go to the right panel of Syncios, click TV Shows tab, then all the TV Shows in your iPod will show in the main window, please select the TV Shows you want to back up to PC, click Export button, then you can back up the TV Shows you have selected from iPod to PC with this Syncios iPod Transfer. If you have stored TV Shows in your PC, you can click Import button to browse the TV Shows and then transfer them to your iPod.

Syncios iPod Transfer

What's more, Syncios iPod Transfer also features the functions as video converter, audio converter, ringtone maker as well as media files transfer and manager.


What is TV Show?

A television program (usually television programme in the United Kingdom), also called television show, is a segment of content intended for broadcast on television. It may be a one-time production or part of a periodically recurring series. A single program in a series is called an episode.

A television series that is intended to comprise a limited number of episodes is usually called a miniseries or serial. Series without a fixed length are usually divided into seasons or series, yearly or biannual installments of new episodes. While there is no defined length, US industry practice tends to favor longer seasons than those of some other countries.

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