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Apple ID isn't working? How to Fix?

It’s normal that our Apple ID is out of working. We may forget password, we may encounter some unknown error. It’s annoying for iOS users when Apple ID is not working well. In this post, we’ll learn what should we do when we are facing this problem.

 Solution 1. Get your password back.

Generally, you’ll log into many systems with Apple ID, like iCloud, iTunes, FaceTime, etc. You may be able to log into many system except iTunes Store or other systems. You feel upset, because you know your password can work but you still can not log in. In fact, your account is not updated to the latest. That is to say, you may have changed your password before, but your current password is not updated to all systems you’ve log in. Thus, you can fix this problem with password resetting.

You can go to https://appleid.apple.com then click on 'Forget Apple ID or password?' , and change your password.

forget Apple ID or password

 Solution 2. Call Apple Customer Service

If you really don't know how to do, call Apple Customer Service. Generally, they will provide you some professional help. And they can lead you to do every instruction. Anything you do not understand, just call them. The official hotline can be easily found via Google.

Apple ID official website

 Solution 3. Create a new Apple ID

If your Apple account are locked and you ask help for Apple customer service, they will ask you the security questions you filled out when you created the account, and you will try to answer them. If you can, or even better, if they are just able to send you an email to reset your password, great, you now can reset the password and fix the issue.

And if you can not answer the questions or not able to get the emails. And they inform you that your account is locked, and they have no ability to help you.

Now that you are not able to access your Apple ID as it's locked forever. You can create a new one. Go to https://appleid.apple.com then click on 'Create your Apple ID'.

create a new Apple ID

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