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Simply Backup / Edit / Delete iPhone 8 Contacts

Phone contacts is of course one of the most important part in our life. We need to keep touch with friends, family members, co-workers and more by phone calling. Thus, we need a simple way to manage our phone contacts for better life. As we know, iOS products are famous for high-performance, but there are still some limits which bring inconvenience to us, such as the operation to contacts. After getting new iPhone 8, we may want to edit, clean up and backup some contacts. This article wants to show you a simple way to edit, clean up and backup iPhone 8 contacts.

iPhone 8

To Backup / Edit / Delete iPhone 8 Contacts:

To backup, edit, delete iPhone 8 contacts, please download a free tool, Syncios Phone Manager, on computer firstly. It's a professional and powerful phone manager in managing, editing, backing up and restoring iPhone and Android phone. Simply download this handy tool from below.

Win Version
Mac Version

If you have installed and launched Free Syncios Phone Manager according to different systems. Now, here we go to backup, edit, delete iPhone 8 contacts simply and conveniently.

Part 1. Add New Contacts

Please connect your iPhone 8 after launching Syncios Phone Manager. Five contents will be displayed on the left panel: Media, Photos, Ebook, Apps, Information. Now we need go to Information to find Contacts. Then click on New to add a new contact directly on Syncios.

add new contacts on iPhone 8

Part 2. Edit Contacts

The preview of a contact will be displayed on the right panel after you choosing one. If you want to edit contacts, simply choose a contacts then click on Edit on the right panel. And you are allowed to edit portrait, phone number, email, main page, address, date, IM, note of contacts.

edit contacts on iPhone 8

Part 3. Delete Contacts

Are you tired of deleting contacts one by one on iPhone 8? Syncios Phone Manager can help you in deleting contacts in batches. Simply choose the contacts then click on Delete. Some useless contacts will be removed from your iPhone 8 quickly.

delete contacts on iPhone 8

Part 4. Backup Contacts

Backing up contacts is definitely an important function for a wonderful phone managing tool. You are allowed to backup the selected contacts or all contacts to a Single vCard File, Multiple vCard Files, CSV File, Outlook 2003/07/10/13, or Text File. Multiple choices for different uses. Simply click on Backup and choose backup location to save contacts on computer.

backup iPhone 8 contacts

Part 5. Recover Contacts

Do you want to recover your iPhone 8 contacts from backup files or from Outlook 2003/07/10/13? Both of them are available here. Go to click on Recover then restore your iPhone 8 contacts. But note that Syncios can only recover the backup file made by itself. Since you can backup easily with Syncios, it won't be a big problem for you, right?

recover iPhone 8 contacts

Part 6. De-duplicate Contacts

It's annoying to have a lot of duplicated contacts on new iPhone 8 after several times backing up and restoring. We need to clean up those duplicated contacts for searching contacts quickly. Click on De-duplicate then you can choose to de-duplicate in three ways, Name Matched, Phone Matched or Exactly Matched. For instance, all of the contacts of the same name will be listed below after choosing Name Matched. You can choose them and click on Merge Selected to de-duplicate.

de-duplicate iPhone 8 contacts

Part 7. Video Tutorial

In fact, you can also edit, manage, backup and restore Notes, Bookmarks, Call Histories, Messages by the same way. Just need to switch the options on the top. For better understanding to the management of iPhone 8, here provide you a short videos to guide you step by step.

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Simply Backup / Edit / Delete iPhone 8 Contacts

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