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How to Scan Documents Using iPhone's Notes App on iOS 11

In the past, if you want to scan documents with your iPhone, you need to download a third-party app on your iPhone. But now, you no longer need to do this, with iOS 11's release, you are able to scan documents with iPhone's build-in Notes app, and save a digital copy of it on your iPhone. I like this feature since it brings me so much convenience on my work and study, though some third-party apps have more features than iPhone's build-in Notes app when it comes to scanning documents, but for me, the simple work is enough. If you are still confused about how to scan documents with the Notes app, please simply follow this tutorial, we will give you step-by-step guide.

Of course, this feature is only available for iPhone running iOS 11 and later, the former iOS version is not supported. So please make sure you have upgraded your iPhone to iOS 11 and above version. If you haven't, please simply update your iPhone to iOS 11.

How to scan documents using iPhone's Notes app

Step 1. First of all, unlock your iPhone, find Notes app and open it. Tap on new Note button on the right bottom corner of the screen. Or you can press harder on Notes app (3D touch) to directly access New Note option.

Step 2. Tap on the plus icon on the middle part, a new dialog box would pop out, and select Scan Documents option.

Step 3. Then a camera screen would appear to allow you scan document, and it prompts you to Position the document in view. Simply start to scan your document.


Step 4. After taking the first document, you are allowed to Drag near corners to adjust, then tap on Keep scan to scan next page, or tap on Save to save the document. And you can adjust the document's color, size, rotation and write down some notes to this scanned document.


And that's it, when you back to your Notes list, you would see the new Note in the list along with a thumbnail of the document. As you can see, by scanning documents with iPhone Notes app, it's quite easy and fast to save a digital copy of your document. Have a try on your iPhone now.

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