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How to Monitor Calls on CellPhone

As a parent, do you care about who your child is taking to and who your child is getting touch with frequently? As a employer, you may be concerned about what kind of calls your employee made using company's phone. Children will tell their parents everything but unfortunately they sometimes don’t tell things that they should actually share.

For instance, if they are harassed on cell phones by some strange people, they are likely to keep that quiet. Monitoring of outgoing and incoming calls can help prevent many troublesome issues for your child. Bullies and other predators will be easier for you to identify when all your child’s calls are neatly organized in your Control Panel. In addition, you'll not be happy if your employees make too many private calls when working. All your worries about children and employees will be removed if you can track phone calls on their devices.

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So you may wonder if you could check calls whenever you want and you don't want them be aware of calls monitoring process. Since then, lets we move further to get into details about what is call monitoring and how to monitor cell phone calls.

How to Track Phone Calls

Are you curious about what is call monitoring? Actually, Call monitoring allows you to keep a check on the detailed call data such as number of call received, call made, incoming or outgoing details, time of call, duration etc. Through Spyzie, you can find out exactly what calls were received and made. Best of all, this cell phone tracking software is completely hidden, meaning that your children or employees will have no idea that you are keeping tabs on them. Besides, you can easily find out who they spoke to and how long for. Find out whether they phone a specific person more regularly than others. You can even check which calls were missed, which ones were unsuccessful and which ones they rejected.

PanSpy allows you to access phone calls on the target device with a control panel on your device or computer. It will give you a full chronological list, which you can then filter as you please. The dashboard can be accessed through any online connection. After installing the app, you can visit its web-based dashboard and track the number of call received, call made, incoming or outgoing details, time of call, duration etc.

Step 1. Firstly, choose the subscription of your choice and set up a new account for your email ID. Then follow the instructions to log in.

Step 2. Install the app on the target phone using the link in the setup page and sign in using the credentials of the Spyzie account you have already created. Using Control Panel on your phone and track the phone calls in the stealth mode.

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We hope this article is useful for you to understand how to monitor cell phone calls on your target device, whether it is an iOS based device or an Android based device.

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