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The Best Way to Spy on Your Android Phone or Tablet

As we all know, in today’s market there are basically two types of mobile phones i.e. Androids and iPhones. Android devices by far make up the majority of mobile devices currently on the market with iPhone coming in second. It becomes a big necessity to know what someone such as a child is doing on an Android phone for their own safety. In this case you propably need an Android Spy App to spy on their phone activities.

We wrote about how to spy iPhone previously and think that it is time to list down some for Android devices as well. This article will introduce the best solution to spy on your android phone or tablet.

How to Spy on Your Android Phone Using PanSpy

PanSpy is a powerful utility app that empowers you to monitor Android devices remotely with the fantastic and variety of features. Let’s view the top monitoring features to get started.

PanSpy Android Monitor

Get Started with Variety of Android Tracking Software Top Features

Spy on Call Logs

PanSpy monitoring app for Android enables you to browse through your child’s call history including all incoming, outgoing and missed phone calls with date, time and call duration stamps remotely on your own mobile device. You are able to view access the information about a caller from the address book, view timestamps, call duration and chronology of calls instantly on your Control Panel. You also have the option to restrict and block calls to and from any number you choose.

spy android call logs

Review Messaging Chats

Supervise chats taking place on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber and other instant messaging platforms. Get notifications directly to your Control Panel. If inappropriate messaging is taking place, you'll know right away.

track android whatsapp messages

Check Text Messages

Review your child's text messages with PanSpy SMS tracker. Browse all texts sent and received by your child on your Control Panel. With PanSpy you can checkr incoming, outgoing messages remotely. Even the deleted messages will be available to you in your personal control panel.

track android text messages

Track GPS location

Find out where they are by tracking the Android phone or tablet with the PanSpy GPS tracker. Set safe zones and get immediate notifications whenever your child enters or exits them. This feature gives you ability to view the exact coordinates of the position at all times and determine route history and most frequently visited locations.

track android location

Monitor Web Browsing History

With this feature, keep an eye on the sites that your child visits. You can monitor their Internet activities as well as bookmarks, times, dates and duration immediately on your Control Panel. You also have the blocking option to prevent your child from visiting dangerous or inappropriate sites.

track android web history

Inspect Multimedia Files

Get your hands onto any kind of multimedia files that's stored on the monitored Android devices - it screenshots, camera photos, videos sent or received on your child's phone. Whether it is sent via a chat app, SMS or email. Prevent sexing and other inappropriate photo.

monitor android photos

Complete Android Compatibility

Mspy is compatible with all popular devices, following are details:

Supported Devices

Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Google,etc

Requirements For Android Smartphones and Tablets

There Are Three Basic Steps to Using This App to Track Android:

Step 1 : Subscribe PanSpy. Choose one of the PanSpy package and fill out the order form. Complete your payment and check your email for the installation instructions.

Step 2 : Install and Set Up. Download PanSpy and install the mobile tracking app onto the target phone. Please note: Premium features require rooting your Android device.

Step 3 : Start Tracking. Log in to PanSpy Control Panel to start monitoring calls, texts, GPS location, apps and any other Internet activities on the monitored Android device.

Reasons You May Need This Reliable Android Phone Spy Software

If you are a concerned parent who worry about where your children go or an employer are worried about your employee's work performance, this Android monitoring app should be what you need. You can benefit a lot from it.

Spy on A Loved One: Depending on your circumstances, you may have already decided that you need to see what your loved one is up to and who he or she is how to spy on a cell phone in communication with on their mobile phone.

Monitor and ProtectYour Child: Anyone who has a teenager knows how difficult at times they can be and maybe you are worried about if your kids are misleading online. Kids have an enormous propensity and great curiosity to do nonsensical things and get in trouble. They could also get involved with the wrong people. For parents, the GPS, call log & text message tracking feature of this program can be very useful.

Supervise an Employee: Employee theft and productivity is a constant problem among employers. If you suspect one or more of your employees of misconduct, you will benefit from the remote cell phone spy applications.

Definitely, PanSpy is the ultimate solution to spy someone else’s activities on their cell phones. Compared with other spy products, its unique easy-installation & easy-set-up feature enables you to add multiple devices to a single account. Within a few clicks, you’re able to spy every corner of Android phones. Plus, it is a versatile software, its functionality is not restricted to Android phones only. iPhone devices can also be monitored.

They Are Also Downloading

tool PanSpy Mobile Phone Monitor

PanSpy is a professional monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for smartphone users.

  • Track Cell Phone Activity: Call logs, Messages, E-mails, Document, Calendar, Photo, Video, Apps and more
  • Track Current Location: GPS, Geofencing, WiFi logger
  • Monitor Social Apps: Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts and more
  • Remote Control: App blocker, Schedule restriction
  • PanSpy Mobile Monitor Tool

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