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How to Track on Call History

monitor cellphone history

Call history/logs contain a lot of details including call history direction, phone number, date, and duration of each call made/received on the phone. Would you like to know who your kids frequently chatted with? Do you want to make sure your employees are not talking to rival businesses behind your back?

In high-tech today, it is much more easier to view cell phone call history. Just be relaxed, in this post, we just wanna show you how to remotely see the phone call logs in details.

Why Is Tracking On Call Logs Useful?

For Parents: today's computer-savvy teenagers are glued to the mobile phone whenever and wherever, they probably encounter all the dangers of the Internet at their fingertips. Are you worried that your children are constantly harassed by ill-intentioned schoolmates or experienced children abuse? Therefore, it is necessary to know whether they have spent too much time talking with others on the phone call when they should do their homework or sleep.

For Employer: many enterprise offer employees mobile phones for more effective communication. But some employees may misuse these cell phones for non-work related purpose. You can significantly enhance the productivity through tracking on employees’ call history on the company-issued devices and checking contact information, the date and the calls time stamp


How to Check Cell Phone Call History

A powerful call logs monitoring software named PanSpy would be recommended. It is a leading parental control app spies on call history on both iOS and Android devices, giving you the ability to monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. View contact info, times, dates and duration of calls instantly on your Control Panel. You are able to block calls to and from any number you choose.

PanSpy call log tracker

What You Can Do With PanSpy

Use PanSpy, you are allowed to view the list of incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone and limit the interaction with people you disapprove.

Three Steps to Monitor Calls History with PanSpy

You can also manage the restrictions you have set from your personalized Control Panel

Now, you can worry free about the safety of your children and the work productivity of your employees.

They Are Also Downloading

tool PanSpy Mobile Phone Monitor

PanSpy is a professional monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for smartphone users.

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  • Track Current Location: GPS, Geofencing, WiFi logger
  • Monitor Social Apps: Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts and more
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  • PanSpy Mobile Monitor Tool

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