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How to Stop Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying or Cyberharassment are also known as online bullying. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Teenagers interact with each other at a furious pace through social networks such as text messages, emails, instant messengers and social media apps, which has increased concerns about the safety of these online activities.

Anybody can become a recipient of cyberbullying, regardless of how old they are or the kind of job that they do or what their hobbies might be. Parents, children, and school administrators can take steps to prevent cyberbullying before it starts or becomes worse.

stop cyberbullying

Here is practical solution to stop cyberbullying.

How to Stop Cyberbullying

Cyber bullying and online trolling is a real problem, and for some teenagers it’s something that has been a part of their lives since birth since the digital age and social media became common place before they were born. Get to know how to recognize and stop cyberbullying before it will lead to irreversible consequences.

1. Find the Warning Signs of Cyberbullying

Whether you’re concerned that you may be getting bullied yourself, or you’re a parent concerned that your child is being bullied, watching out for a few indicative signs is a good way to detect cyberbullying. There are two forms of cyberbullying: personal and public harassment:

As a parent, you should learn how various social networking websites work and become familiar with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Ask your children if they will show you their profile pages.

2. Identify the Reasons of Cyberbullying & Keep Everything

Generally, the bully may create a screen name nearly identical to the screen name used by someone else, then use that name to create embarrassing or threatening situations for them. In some cases, bullying crosses the line from aggravation to criminal harassment or threats. If your child is the victim of cyberbullying, make sure to save all posts and messages from the bully by taking screenshots, or photos on your smartphone, in addition to recording the time and date. You will need the messages to verify and prove there is cyberbullying.

You can report the impersonation to the website or your service provider.

3. Take Immediate Actions

After identifying and saving evidence, you should take action now:

4. Block the Bully on All Online Platforms

A first line of defense in stopping cyberbullying is to empower kids to end a digital conversation the minute it begins to get nasty. Kids should know how to log off of an account temporarily and in cases of repeated harrassment, block aggressors altogether.

5. Improve Privacy Settings

Limit the amount of personal information available online. It will prevent the bully from finding new ways to contact your kids. Give your child the empowering message that she is in charge of how she is treated by others. Encourage her to use privacy settings to set boundaries on cruelty by her peers.

6. Use Tracking Apps

Parental control app might be a protective measure to monitor their online usage if you have a child who constantly uses social media apps. It will help you keep track of track your kid`s online activity, text messages and calls and make sure your child is not involved in cyberbullying.

Parent control software such as PanSpy can help you a lot to remotely monitor and control the activity of kids on all smartphones including iOS and any Android device. With this kind of application, you are able to:

Through this mobile phone tracking application, you can fine the issue immediately and protect your kids from cyberbullying effectively.

More Safety Tips for Parents, Kids, and Schools to Prevent Cyberbullying

Now, let’s find more tips:

What can parents do:

Build trust with your children, don't overreact by blaming your children and help kids understand that reaching out to trustworthy adults is, in itself, an act of tremendous strength and courage.  Let them know they can come to you for help if anything is inappropriate, upsetting, or dangerous.

What can kids do:

If you are being bullied, tell a trustworthy adult immediately to get help solving the problem. Your parents, teachers, principal and school counselor are all in a position to put a stop to the situation before it goes any further. Save evidence, do not respond to bully`s messages.

What can school do:

School should make a policy for all types of bullying and make it clear that any intimidation, harassment, or threatening behavior will be dealt with swiftly and seriously, and engage students, parents, and teachers in discussions about bullying prevention. 

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