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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Tracking

With modern technology, it’s now possible to do many things on mobile phones. Apart from the convenience of being able to call colleagues and friends. These days, smartphones and tablets come with built-in GPS tracking functionality which enables to track down the location of the phone and helps in navigation as well. Also, there are lot of mobile phone tracking applications available on the market. A coin has two sides, mobile tracking also has its benefits and drawbacks.

mobile tracking pros and cons

Let’s find this out by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of cellphone tracking.

Advantages of Mobile Phone Tracking

Thanks to cellphone tracking feature, not only can you stay safe, but also your family will always have an idea where you are all the time. Your friends can keep in touch with you. Also, you will never lose your cell phone.

Emergency Services

One of the biggest benefits of cellphone tracking is that it gives you ability to quickly locate nearby emergency services like police stations, hospitals, fire departments etc. By using this function, it gets easy to be rescued in the case of an emergency. You can be easily located in the times of emergency. So the rescue personnel can find you effortlessly by finding the estimate of your location.

Business Management

Employers always provide mobile phones to emplyees for better communication, but sometimes employees may use the phone to chat with friends, watch videos on working time and also decrease productivity. Phone-tracking services such as PanSpy (it even can track iPhone X) for businesses can help them see where employees spend their time while on the job and out of it.

Protect Child Safety

Nowadays, child safety is the biggest concern of the parents. When children are given mobile phones, cell phone tracking features make it possible for parents to track the location of their children and monitor their activities at all times, reveal if your child has been dishonest about his activities or is in a potentially dangerous location.

Find & Keep in Touch with Friends

Friend tracking is another advantage of cellphone tracking because it helps to enhance your social life. By using the feature, you can easily track the location of your friends who have GPS on their smartphones and find them in crowded locations etc. This becomes easy to keep track of the people whom you are waiting for. You can also share your location with your friends and family constantly and brag about all the places you are visiting.

Track Your Stolen or Missing Phone

With the mobile phone GPS tracking service, you are able to find regular updates of the current location of your phone. So when you know where your phone is, you will never lose it.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Tracking

Now, let’s focus on the disadvantages of cell phone tracking.

Privacy Concerns

Reduced privacy is the major drawback of mobile phone tracking. Mobile phone companies can exploit the information that they gather and get a peek of the private lives of their customers.You can disable the casual location tracking system such as find my friends, however, the information about your location will still be available to mobile vendors and for emergency situations.

Accuracy Limitation

There are other limitations to cell phone tracking as well. Another disadvantage of cell phone tracking is that it may not always be very accurate and may not always work to its 100% efficiency. This is especially the case when the network connection or the 3G or Wi-Fi network of the area is not very strong. It might so happen that the signals get lost in front of tall buildings, forested terrain, and so on.


These days, many monitoring applications for iOS or Android devices have been introduced to perform several functions like child tracking, spouse tracking, locating previously visited locations, browsing history tracking, call spying, Facebok monitoring, etc. Though cell phone tracking is a great technology, it still has a lot of limitations to it. The bottom line is, cell phone tracking has its both pros and cons. It depends on you to decide whether using cell phone tracking as a spying option is good or bad.

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