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Best Solution to Spy on Text Messages

With the development of Internet, we are able to get the information on our fingertips. We use text messages to communicate with our family, friends colleagues everyday. You may wanna see what your kids are doing while online, what your employees are talking with friends on weekdays. Actually, no matter the reasons, you have a few great options for doing so today.

In this article we will show you how to monitor text messages on iPhone and Android using monitoring software like PanSpy.

How to Spy on Text Messages with PanSpy?

Nowadays, tracking text messages from a mobile phone is very easy and you can get all the details about text messages including full message text, date & time for text messages and even sender, receiver of a message. PanSpy is the ultimate solution for getting all the messages without missing out any. With PanSpy text message tracker, you can:

Monitor incoming, outgoing messages remotely.

Instantly view a complete record of all sent and received messages including chat list history, sender and receiver names, actual text messages, and the number of messages in each chat.

Read the deleted messages in your personal Control Panel

Analyze Message History

Based on the text message history, you are allowed to judge who are the most important persons from the number of messages and chat frequency.

4 Step to Look Someone's Text Messages

Text messages monitoring feature is available for Android devices and jailbroken/no-jailbroken iDevices. Simply within 4 steps, you are able to intercept text messages from another phone.

Step 1 : Purchase PanSpy: according to you need, choose one of the packages (Basic, Premium or No-Jailbreak)

Step 2 : Fill in the billing information and submit your payment.

Step 3 : Install PanSpy and set it up. Check your email and go through the installation guide.

Step 4 : Start monitoring text messages on iPhone or Android.

Once the installation is completed, you can start reading someone`s text messages online from your Control Panel.

Note: please make sure the Internet connection on the target phone is enabled. It will allow to replay all the data back to your Control Panel.

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Apart from text messages, PanSpy offers users many other tracking features for:

What You Can Benefit from PanSpy Text Message Monitor

For parents: tracking a mobile phone becomes a big necessity when your children grow up. PanSpy is the best friend of every parent, it gives complete access to the data of their kids such as the sent and received messages. You can analyze and find out from which number they are receiving the messages. If you find anything wrong in their text messages, you can take a desired action.

For business owners: employers can benefit a lot by installing this text message spying app on their office mobiles. Many employers provides their employees the mobile phones for carrying out business effectively. But, few people are using them on non-work related purpose such as making personal calls, sending confidential data of the company to the competitors for monetary benefits. With the help of PanSpy, you can ensure the employees are using the mobiles for office purpose instead of their personal use.

Track the lost or stolen device: many people store their confidential information in their mobile phones and they are very much concerned about its security. So, when you lose the phone, you would be able to track the location of the mobile with the help of the GPS tracking feature.

The benefits of using a mobile phone tracking app are various. You can be reassured of your parent’s safety, you can check the whereabouts of your partner, you can see to it if your kids are misleading online. Usage of this app makes you a responsible parent and employers.

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