1. Transfer Data from one Phone to another

You will then see below displayed in the starting window after you running data transfer program. To transfer data, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Connect phones to PC via USB and run the program

1. Connect your destination phone to PC via USB.

2. Connect your source phone to PC via USB.

If you are using Android phone, go to the home screen, press MENU, select Settings > Applications > Development, then enable USB debugging before connecting.

ipod content to iphone

The devices will be detected by Syncios Data Transfer and turn up as “Source” and “Destination”. And there is a button “Flip” between them in the primary window.

ipod content to iphone

Step 2: Select Content

On Select content to copy tab, choose the contents you need to transfer. Please note that it transfers different data depends on the system of the source and destination phone.

Note: Call logs and Apps could be transferred between Android to Android OS only.

Transfer ipod content to iphone progress

Step 3: Start Copy

Click the Start Copy button to copy from source phone to destination phone. Please do not disconnect the phones while copying. It may take a few minutes to finish transferring.

If you hope to clear data on the destination phone before the copy starts, you can check the option Clear data before copy. In this way, all of the related data would be cleared before the transfer.

clear target phone data

All is done for transferring data from phone to phone now.

2.How to Backup Mobile Phone Data to Mac

Select Backup your Phone in the home screen of Data Transfer, you will be taken to the backup interface. Your device is shown on the left side. The files you can backup to computer is automatically checked. You can uncheck the files you do not want to backup. Once confirm, simply click on Start Copy button. The program will start backing up selected data. The process will take some time depending on the file size.

Backup iPhone

3.Extract Data to Phone from Backup Files, like Syncios Data Transfer, iTunes even iTunes Songs and Playlist

Similarly go back to home screen, choose Restore from backups, on the left side of the pane, click the inverted triangle button, you have 3 options, restore from Syncios Data Transfer backup, iTunes backup file, transfer iTunes music and playlist to any Phone in the drop-list.

Then select the files you want to restore to device, click Start Copy button and wait for the copy process to finish.

Restore iphone from backup file