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"After searching, comparing, using others for a few months I finally ran into your freeware. It is the easiest and best freeware out there for your iPod transfer needs. It has made my life much easier for me and my tasks at hands. I would just like to show my appreciation with this little note to you."

-Frank, San Francisco

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"I have been using SynciOS iPad Transfer for a few weeks now and just wanted to thank you for such an excellent free program, It is much simpler and easier than iTunes. iTunes has so many limitations. I will recommend this to anybody when the subject arises."

-Ross, California

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"Hello! I absolutely love your product! After trying a handful of ipad transfers, I've found yours to not only do the best job, but is also incredibly user-friendly and very versatile as to the transferring files between iPad and PC. I strongly recommend it for every iPad owner."

-Rohit Goyal, Utah