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How to Backup and Restore Huawei Nova 2/2S Easily?

Huawei Nova Series are welcomed by people for its good appearance. As the same as all phone users, the users of Huawei Nova phone also give a consideration to data backing up and restoring after using some time. Making a backup of the Huawei Nova 2/2S is an effective way to protect the contents of your mobile phone in the event of glitches. Truly, the inconsistencies of life can sometimes cause unpredicted things in your Huawei Nova 2/2S. Imagine that you are doing a bad manipulation or that your Huawei Nova 2/2S is bugging, It will then be very beneficial to own a backup of your mobile phone in order to be capable to restore it. We will find out in this article how you can backup and restore a Huawei Nova 2/2S in a simple way.

We all know we can backup Nova 2/2S via Huawei backup tool on our phone. However, also as a Nova 2S user, I have to say, it's really complicated and, more importantly, I am reluctant to register one more Huawei account since I've already got a dozen of accounts. Thus, I'm gonna to share another simple way to backup and restore my Huawei Nova, as well as my iPad, iPhone, Samsung phone which I owned before.

A shortest way always comes with a handy tool. With the help of Syncios Data Transfer, you are able to transfer data between phone to phone directly, even between iOS and Android devices, and to retrieve data from iTunes or iCloud quickly, and also backup and restore phones on computer easily.

tool Syncios Data Transfer

Syncios Data Transfer is a comprehensive iOS & Android data transferring tool, which allows you to move all you data like messages, contacts, call logs, music, video, etc between iOS & Android devices with great convenience and safety.

  • 1. Backup and restore phone data in lossless quality.
  • 2. 1-Click Phone-to-Phone Transfer.
  • 3. Transfer iTunes music library and playlist to device.
  • 4. Restore iTunes/iCloud backup to iOS or Android device.

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Mac Version

Syncios Data Transfer Tool

Now, to backup and restore Huawei Nova 2/2S, please simply download and install the latest version of Syncios Data Transfer and follow the steps below.

Step 1 Four modes will be displayed on the homepage after installing and launching the latest version of Syncios Data Transfer: Phone to Phone Transfer, Restore Phone from iCloud, Restore Phone from iTunes, Backup up to PC and Restore from PC. To backup iPhone safari history, we need to select Backup to PC under Backup up to PC and Restore from PC.

Syncios data transfer

Step 2 Then simply connect your Huawei Nova 2/2S to computer with USB cable. If it's your first time connecting your device to the computer, you need to enable the USB debugging mode. Then Syncios Data Transfer would load all your data on your device. This step might take a while according to your data size, please be patient.

Any detection problem? Click here for help.

save Huawei Nova 2S data to PC

Step 3 All data of your iPhone will be listed on the middle of box after data loading. You can choose items you'd like to backup and customize a proper backup bath on the right bottom corner, then hit Start Copy button. And after a while, all Huawei Nova 2/2S will be backed up to your computer.

backing up Huawei Nova 2S to PC

Step 4 If you need to restore the data to your Huawei Nova 2/2S, launch the program and select Restore from PC on the homepage. Then select the previous backup on the checkbox listed on the left panel, and connect your device. Choose items you'd like to restore then click on Start Copy, before long, all data will be restored to your device successfully.

restore Huawei Nova 2S from PC

Note: Please make sure you've clearly known which can be transferred and which can not for your Huawei Nova 2/2S. You can check the detailed information table on the official website: https://www.syncios.com/data-transfer/. We'll never do misleading promotion.

Video Tutorial - How to Backup and Restore Huawei Nova 2/2S Easily?

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