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3 Methods to Import Music to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

In the past year, Xiaomi has achieved good results in Europe, North and South America and Southeast Asia. If you want to spend lower price with higher performance, Xiaomi will be the top priority. Today Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, 2019 new 5G flagship of Xiaomi, is unveiled with surprising performance. As you can see, this 5G phone weighs only 196 grams but with a battery of 4000 mAh, which is enough for daily life. In recent, Xiaomi has tested the battery life of Mi 9 Pro by using it a ton within 7 hours. As a power-hungry 5G phone, Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro’s battery remaining capacity is 21%, while Xiaomi 9 is only 4%. What’s more, Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro can support multifunctional NFC (Near Field Communication). That is to say, your phone can not only act as your electronic identification card but also your car key.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Would you like to buy such a powerful but economical Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro? However, no matter what new phone we buy, we wonder how can we entirety import our favorite music playlist from old phone to the new Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, or download some of them permanently, then we can listen to them even without the Internet. This tutorial will tell you the answer. Now let us start!!!

Method 1.Import Music from PC to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Import Music from PC to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro via USB

As we all know, transfer data from a phone to a computer via USB is the most common method.

Step 1 Connect your Xiaomi 9 Pro to computer via USB cable. You are supposed to click ‘Connected as a media device’ on the notification panel.

Step 2 Open 'This PC' in your computer, you can see that Xiaomi Phone appears as a removable disk. Double click on the disk and there are many different folders, such as Movies, Pictures, Music and so on. You can copy >paste or directly drag-and-drop the target music from local folder to your target folder (You can also add a new folder in your phone to save these new songs from computer.)

connect Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro to PC via USB

Import Music from PC to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro with Syncios Android Manager

In addition, there are a number of third-party software now prevail in the market. Syncios Android Manager is a good choice among them for the reason that it can help you transfer data between your Android phone and PC without any loss. Surprisingly, Syncios Android Manager is not only a music transfer tool but also a unique ringtone maker, handy audio and video downloader for phones. You can download and use it free of charge.

Step 1 Firstly, download and install Syncios Android Manager and then connect your Xiaomi 9 Pro to computer. Don’t forget to enable debugging mode on your Xiaomi. Sometimes, our device still fails to be detected by computer, you can click here to get more information.

Win Version

Step 2 You can see five different options on the left panel. Click Media>Add option. In the pull-down menu, Add File and Add Folder are both available. (Here we will take Add Folder as an example.) Then click Ok option to transfer your music to your Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro.

tipIf you prefer to singly pick certain music file, we strongly recommend you to choose Add File option.

transfer music from pc to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Method 2. Import Music from iOS device to to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

As we all know, iOS system always be considered as the best Phone Operating System because of its simple and beautiful page, high fluency and high security. When iOS system is using, its optimization degree is very high. When certain software goes back into the background, it will basically stop running and leave more room for other software in use. However, everything has two sides, there are several hurdles to transfer data from your iPhone, especially when you change your old iPhone to a new Android phone. So how can we import music from an iOS device to our new Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro? Don‘t worry! Our Syncios Data Transfer can help you!

Step 1 Download and install our Syncios Data Transfer.

Win Version
Mac Version

Step 2 Then launch it and connect both your iPhone and Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro to the computer. Your target phone—Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro should be put on the right. (If the position is incorrect, you can click the following button to change manually.)

connect iPhone 7 and Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Step 3 Click Audio >Next >OK option to transfer music from your iPhone 7 to your Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro.

tipPlease don’t disconnect your device until complete.

transfer music from iPhone 7 to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Method 3. Import Spotify Music to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

If you are a music lover, you must know Spotify, which is famous for its feel-good page, rich music library and complete artists' information, as a streaming music service platform. Spotify provides us both free and pay services. Pay users will not receive any advertisements and can hear songs with better sound quality. Besides, download songs for offline play is proprietary for Premium users, while free users cannot make it. And the best Spotify Music Converter——TunePat Spotify Converter can help you record, download and convert Spotify music with 100% lossless.


We should pay attention that this software only supports downloading and converting Spotify music to our PC. Therefore, after you download your Spotify music via TunePat Spotify Converter, follow part one to import music to your Xiaomi device.

import Spotify music to Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro


From what you can see, this tutorial introduces three methods to import music to our new Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro. Among them, import music files from PC via USB is the most common way, but we recommend you our Syncios Android Manager for clearer classification and easier operation. As for transfer music files from iOS devices, our Syncios Data Transfer can realize data transfer cross systems. And record and then download Spotify music with TunePat Spotify Converter to your new Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro is also an advisable method.

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Win Version
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