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How to add bubble and screen effects in iMessage

iOS 11 a big update on iOS system, and previously we have introduced new iOS 11 features like iOS 11 Notes app and screen recording. Today we'd like to introduce the new features of iMessages on iOS 11. As we know, Apple added many funny effects on iMessages in iOS 10, and now, the features are getting much more effective in iOS 11. If you haven't realized or used these new features, you can simply learn how to add bubble and screen effects in iMessage in this tutorial. Make sure your iPhone has been upgraded to iOS 11 and now let's get started.

How many effects can I use in iMessage

Currently, under Bubble effect, there are four effects available including: Slam, Loud, Gentle, Invisible ink; Under Screen effect, there are nine effects available: Echo, Spotlight, Balloons, Confetti, Love, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting star, Celebration.

How to use bubble or screen effect in iMessage

Step 1. Open Message app, tap New message icon on the right top corner or go to an existing conversation, and add the contacts you want to send iMessages to.

Step 2. Type the words you want to send, then press hard (3D Touch) on the send button (a blue upward pointing arrow).

Step 3. Then you will enter Send with effect screen, select Bubble or Screen effect on the top. And tap on the effect which you want to apply to preview the effect.

Step 4. After selected the effect you want to apply, tap on the Send button again to send the iMessage with effect.

add effects to message

Step 5. If you changed your mind and don't want to send the message with effects, you can tap on the Cancel button on the bottom of effect (a grey X icon).

How to send an animated handwritten message

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone, open Message app, tap New message icon on the right top corner or go to an existing conversation, and add the contacts you want to send iMessages to.

Step 2. Disable Portrait Orientation Lock if you haven't, then turn your iPhone sideways, and you will see the handwriting button on the right bottom corner, tap it.

send handwritten message

Step 3. Write down your message or select one of the options at the bottom of the screen, you can tap Undo to start over, and tap done to end writing.

Step 4. You are also allowed to send the handwritten message with effects or directly send the handwritten message.

handwritten message

What you should be noted with the effects in iMessage

  • The receiver should run iOS 11 on his/her iPhone as well, otherwise some effects are not able to be seen on his/her device. With the handwritten message, you need iOS 10 and above to send or receive an animated handwritten message.
  • The Invisible Ink bubble effect can be viewed on your Mac if you're running macOS Sierra or High Sierra, other bubble effects and Screen effects currently are not visible on Mac.
  • If you have Reduce Motion on, you can't receive message effects by default. However, by enabling Auto-Play Message Effects, you can still view message effects. Open Settings, General, Accessibility, Reduce Motion, enable Auto-Play Message Effects.

reduce motion

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Add bubble and screen effects in iMessage