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How to Make Ringtones on iPhone 11

Have you ever feel boring or even annoyed about your iPhone ringtone for hearing too much? Do you want to set your favorite song as your ringtone to make yourself delighted when every time your mobile phone begin to ring? As we all know, the safety of iOS system is one of its biggest advantages. However, sometimes it becomes a shortcoming. For the reason that we will encounter difficulties when we are to new or delete something in our iPhone. For example, make custom ringtone on your iPhone. Actually, you don’t need to worry. This article is going to tell you how to make ringtone on your new iPhone 11.


Part 1. Make Custom Ringtones on iPhone 11

A complete song is always too long to set as a ringtone. Therefore, we need to do the cutting of the song to select the part that we like. However, a professional tool can help you do that easier. Syncios Mobile Manager is your top choice. It is a handy, effective but free tool for you to make custom ringtones as many as you want. And it supports both Android phones and iPhone. Now let’s see it together!

Step 1: Firstly, download and install Syncios Mobile Manager to your computer. Launch the software, then connect your iPhone 11 to the computer. You can see My Devices, Video Downloader and Toolkit in the menu at the top of the interface. (If you encounter any iOS detection problem, please click here to find relevant tutorial.)

Step 2: If the song you’re going to choose has already in your computer, you can choose or drag-and-drop it directly from computer. But if not, the song is in your iPhone instead of computer. You are supposed to transfer it from iPhone to computer at first. And Syncios iPhone Manager can also help you finish this step. Find 'Media' option on the left panel and find 'Music' on the right panel under 'Audio' option. Then find and check the song that you want to transfer from your iPhone to computer. Finally, Click ‘Export’ option. Also, it’s available for you to download your favorite song from internet.

export music to pc

Step 3: Now find and press ‘Toolkit’ > ‘Ringtone Maker’ to the next step.

ringtone maker

Step 4: Click ‘Choose’ > ‘Target song’ > ‘Open’ option to select s song, and then you will see the following page. From the page, you can see there are two 'triangle icon' under the progress. Move the 'triangle icon' to set the start and end of your ringtone. Besides, you can set fade-in and fade-out time as your requirement. Click ‘Save & Import’ option to save the ringtone to your iPhone 11 or you can also choose ’Save to PC’ to save it to your computer.

set start and end of the song

You can also learn from a video tutorial:

Part 2. Use New Ringtones on iPhone 11

I believe that there are still some iPhone users never change their ringtone from default one to the other. In this connection, they might not know how to set the custom ringtone that they’ve transferred into their iPhone 11 just now. And now let’s see together.

Step 1: Open 'Settings' option in your iPhone 11.

Step 2: Press 'Sounds' option in the 'Settings' page and then choose ‘Ringtone’ option in the Sounds page. Now you can find that both custom ringtones and own-operating ringtones of iPhone are all listed in the Ringtone page. Choose the one that you just made as the default. And every time your phone ring, you will hear your favorite melody.

set iphone11 ringtone

Part 3. Delete Custom Ringtones from iPhone 11

Sometimes, the pleasure we get from listening to certain song never stales. So we can keep hearing it for several years. However, when we begin to get tired of our ringtone melody, how can we delete it from our iPhone’s ringtone list? Syncios iPhone Manager will give you a hand.

Step 1: Open Syncios iPhone Manager and connect your iPhone 11 to the computer.

Step 2: Find 'Media' option on the left panel and find 'Ringtones' on the right panel under Audio option. You can see all your custom ringtones have been listed in the page. Choose the ringtones that you no longer need. Check them, click ‘Delete’ > ‘Yes’ to remove the ringtone from your iPhone 11.

delete old ringtones


Now we know how to make custom ringtones, set custom ringtone as default and delete useless custom ringtones from our new iPhone 11. As what you can see, Syncios iPhone Manager is your handy mobile assistant. It can help you make ringtones as you like. And if you feel like using GIF to express your emotion while you’re chatting online, Syncios is your best choice in that way. Besides, it can help you transfer all kinds of data between phone and computer or phone and phone.