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How to Enable USB Debugging Model on Motorola Moto Z

The USB debugging model enables users transfer data (or backup) between Android devices and computer after connecting the devices to computer with USB cable directly. The USB debugging model is not on if you have purchased new Android devices like Moto Z / Z Force / Z Play. So you need to enable the USB debugging model on Moto Z, Z Force or Z Play when you connect them to computer at the first time, so that you can backup or transfer data between Moto Z and computer, and use the mobile managers like iTunes, Syncios Moto Z Transfer to manage your Moto phones.

Step by Step to Enable USB Debugging Model on Motorola Moto Z

Step 1 : Unlock Moto Z and go to Settings.

Step 2 : Under Settings, scroll down and open About phone.

Step 3 : Under About Phone find Build Number and tap seven times on it. After tapping seven times on it, you will get a message on your screen that You are now a developer. That’s it you have successfully enabled developer option on your Motorola Moto Z.

 Enbale USB Debugging Mode on Motorola Moto Z

Step 4: Back to Settings, scroll down and tap on Developer option.

Step 5: Under Developer option, tap on USB Debugging, select USB Debugging to enable it.

That’s it. You have successfully enabled USB debugging on your Motorola Moto Z.

Motorola Moto Z USB Debugging

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