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How to Seamlessly Transfer Old Phone Data to OnePlus 7

The OnePlus 7 has arrived. As one of the best-selling Android brand worldwidely, the new OnePlus flagship, comes with upgraded hardware and features, which can be a great option for you to upgrade your old device. So after you bought a new OnePlus 7, you need to consider copying your data from your old device to the new OnePlus 7. All the private data such as contacts, text messages, photos and other app data that you want to get them transferred need a simple way to make it. So how to seamlessly transfer all old phone data to the new OnePlus 7? That's what this article is mainly talking about. The following of this tutorial introduces 3 great methods to help you transfer the contents, you can simply choose a perferable one after reading. Now let's get started.

How to transfer old phone data to OnePlus 7

Method 1. Google Service

Actually, if you were using an Android device, when it comes to transferring data to a new Android device, you probably think of Google service firstly, since Google account is essential on Android device. Google enables you automatically back up information like contacts, calendar, call logs, SMS, settings and more to the cloud, of course you can restore them to a new device as well. To transfer data to OnePlus 7 with Google service, follow the steps below.

Method 2. OnePlus Switch

Nowadays, to encourage other users to switch to their own device, many device manufacturer develop a program to help users sync the data, such as Move to iOS app, Samsung Smart Switch, for OnePlus device, there is also an OnePlus Switch app that helps you bring all your treasured data such as your photos, messages, videos, contacts and more to your new phone without having to connect to the internet while migrating your data. If you were using an Android device and now switching to OnePlus 7, you can simply download OnePlus Switch app on both devices and then follow the instructions given to finish the rest steps. It's incredibly easy for an Android device to switch to OnePlus 7 with OnePlus Switch. However, if you were using an iOS device, due to restrictions on access to the iOS, only contacts, messages, images and videos can be migrated. And we will take iOS device as example to show you how to switch from an iPhone to OnePlus 7 using this switch app.

First, to use the OnePlus Switch’s function, please install OnePlus Switch on both of your iPhone and OnePlus device:

Method 3. Syncios Data Transfer

Both methods introduced above have some limitations more or less. So on the third part of this article, I'd like to introduce a professional data transfer tool to you: Syncios Data Transfer, which designed for transferring data between different devices and cross platform supported, it means that you are also able transfer data from/to an iOS device. Moreover, this handy tool also supports backing up and restoring your device with single click; restoring data from iCloud backup/iTunes backup/iTunes library to Android/iOS devices. Trick! So with this powerful program, syncing data from one device to another is just a piece of cake. Let's check the details below.

Step 1: Install and Run Syncios Data Transfer

Install the latest version of Syncios Data Transfer program on your computer and then launch it. You will see 3 modes on the main interface: Transfer, Restore and Backup. To transfer data from old device to OnePlus 7, we need to click on the Start button under Phone to Phone Transfer module.

Win Version
Mac Version

old android to oneplus transfer

Step 2: Connect source and target device

Connect both of your old device and OnePlus 7 to your computer via USB cables. For Android device, you need to enable developer mode and USB debugging to allow Syncios to connect your device. After Syncios successfully connect both of your devices, it will list all supported data on the middle panel to allow you select. Please make sure the old device is listed on the left while OnePlus 7 listed on the right as the target phone, you can simply click on Flip to switch the position.

transfer music to OnePlus 7

Step 3: Start copying Data to OnePlus 7

Select the contents you'd like to synced to your new OnePlus 7 on the middle panel. After that, press the blue button Start Copy to start transferring data from the old device to OnePlus 7. And the time needed depends on the size of your data, please be patient. And please note that do not disconncet each device during the transferring process.

transfer music to OnePlus 7

What do you think of the three methods, do you find this article helps you after reading. Actually, there are also other methods to help you transfer data to the new OnePlus 7, all three methods introduced above are the most common and simplest, you can simply choose your preferable one to do your own business. If you have any better methods to transfer data and settings from old device to new OnePlus 7 or you encountered some problems while doing the switch, please feel free to leave a comment or directly contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you and will get back to you soon.

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