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5 Common iPhone 6s Problems And How to Fix Them

The iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.2.1 updates fixed a ton of iPhone 6S / 6S Plus problems but a number of problems remains and bothers most of iPhone users. Here, we listed out 5 most common issues. Let's take a look at how you can fix these most common iPhone 6s bugs and issues without having to go to an Apple Store.

1. iPhone 6S battery drains quickly

Battery life problem is one of most common iPhone 6 problems that most of the users are facing. Check whether you are using Location Services, Background app refresh and Push Notifications; these three services require lots of power, turn them off if they are not necessary for you; You can also head to General > Usage > Battery Usage to see which apps are taking the biggest toll on your battery life.

Phone 6S battery drains

2. Still receiving messages on old iPhone after switching to iPhone 6s

If you still getting messages on iPhone after purchasing new device, this is caused by your "iMessage" still being active on your old iPhone. To fix this issue, go into Settings > Messages and make sure that "iMessage" is turned off. That will allow all messages to come in on your new device. ( Note: Ensure your phone is connected to the internet (3G/4G or Wi-Fi) so that the changes will sync with your Apple ID.)

If you don't have your old iPhone any longer: Go to Apple's official website to de-activate iMessage online; Then, select your Country from the drop-down list and enter your mobile number; After that, click 'send code'. A confirmation code will be sent to your new iPhone 6s /6s Plus via text. Simply enter the code and click 'submit' to deregister iMessage.

de-activate iMessage online

3. iPhone 6s Keyboard Lag

There are many iOS user complain about occasional keyboard lag on their iPhone 6s when shooting off an email or iMessage. While there isn’t a cure all for this issue, there’s a few things iPhone 6s users can try.

First, try turning off Documents & Data in iCloud. To do this, Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data. If everything returns to normal, it should be okay to flip that back on. If that doesn’t work, try resetting all settings. To do that, General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

4. iPhone Error 53

Many iPhone 6s users have encountered a very common problem - the message “error 53”, which can appear during program installation or while the program is running. The error is also shown during Windows startup or shutdown. Some was prompted to "Error -(53)" while connecting iPhone to it or trying to restoring iPhone. In some cases if you are updating your iPhone and get the ITunes Error 53 then your phone might become bricked. The problem be caused by a variety of factors, but accoring to Apple’s support site: If you’re seeing error 53, it’s most likely because you had a repair done using parts that don’t match each other.

If you’re already seeing error 53, there are also 5 ways to repair this problem, such as clean junk files, reinstall iTunes, update your pc device drivers, repair registry , entries associated with Error 53, etc. For more detail in how to fix iPhone or iTunes error 53, you can refer to our previous article.

iPhone  Error 53

5. Messages was automatically deleted

Since iOS 8, Apple has added some storage friendly features that allow you to make sure the Messages app isn't wreaking as much havoc as it previously could. One of the ways iOS now helps to delete text messages and iMessages after a period of time. For setting messages to automatically expire, launch the settings app on your iPhone 6s; After that tag on Messages > Keep Messages; Now you can select either 1 year, 30 days no, whichever you'd like.

However, manay new iPhone users takes no notice of this feature and lost some valuable messages unintentionally. Somehow, data loss could be a disaster and cost a lost. Of course, there are many kinds of iphone data recovery tool in the market, such as Syncios Data Recovery, but kindly note that stop using your device after you lost data, because any operation on your device will generate new data, which can overwrite the lost data and make it unrecoverable.

 iphone messages settings

For more detailed on how to recover deleted iPhone messages, see our previous step-by-step tutorial.

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