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How to Backup iPhone and iPad before Upgrading to iOS 11

Apple has introduced the new mobile operating system - iOS 11 to the public during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Compare to iOS 10, iOS 11 was added many great new features we can't wait to try, including sweeping new upgrades to Siri, a redesigned Control Center and App Store, and a brand-new Apple Pay feature, new ARKit to create augmented reality experiences. Besides, for iPad users, there are new productivity features including drag-and-drop capability and a new Mac-style Dock.

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If you are champing at the bit to upgrade to the new iOS 11, but there are something important you need to know before upgrading, that is, backup your phone. Since the process of upgrading will restore your device settings to the factory defaults and wipe all data, so it's crucial to backup your idevice before upgrading if you don't want to suffer from data loss. And this tutorial is here to give you three methods to backup your idevice.

Solution 1: Backup iPhone/iPad with iTunes

iTunes is the most common tool to backup idevice because it's fast and able to backup nearly all contents on your device. Simply connect your iPhone/iPad to computer and launch iTunes, after iTunes detects your device, you can easily see the option to backup it.

Later, after upgrading to iOS 11 successfully, you can simply restore all your data to iPhone/iPad. And please kindly note that restoring from iTunes backup would overwrite all your data on device if you don't restore to a new idevice.

backup iphone with iTunes


Solution 2: Backup iPhone/iPad via iCloud

iCloud backup is very convenient and simple, but we all know that iCloud has limited 5GB free storage if you don't pay for more, and iCloud doesn't backup everything on your iPhone/iPad.

Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud, scroll down until you find iCloud Backup option, turn it on, and it would backup your iPhone/iPad automatically when your idevice was locked and connected to WiFi network and a charger.

Also, you can restore the data after upgrading your idevice to iOS 11 successfully, you would be prompted to Restore from iCloud Backup after upgrading.

backup iphone via iCloud

recommended solution Solution 3: Backup iPhone with one-click iOS Backup Tool.

What to do if you don't want to backup your iPhone/iPad with iCloud or iTunes? Is there any other method to easily backup your device withour data loss. Yes - Syncios Data Transfer, a great handy tool designed to backup your iPhone/iPad with ease. Syncios Data Transfer supports backing up 12 different types of files, including photos, contacts, SMS messages, Notes, Ebooks, call logs, music, videos, etc, and you are allowed to restore the data whenever you want. What's more, not only does it provide its own backup and recovery service, but it can also restore your iOS device from iTunes/iCloud backups. Truly a trick, check out the details below:

Step 1: Download and install Syncios Data Tranfer.

Simply download Syncios Data Transfer from:

Win Version
Mac Version

After installed the program, connect your device to computer, launch the program and select Backup to PC option from the homepage, Syncios would detect your iPhone/iPad and load the data automatically, after a while(according to the size of your data), all kinds of data would be displayed on the middle of the panel.

backup your iPhone with one-click

Step 3: Start to backup.

Check the data you want to backup, and set the path for the backup, simply click on Start Copy button to start the backup process. After a while, all of the data you selected would be backed up to your computer successfully.

Tips: You can restore all the backup to your iPhone/iPad after upgrading to iOS 11, and it won't overwrite your phone data unlike iTunes.

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Backup iPhone/iPad before upgrading to iOS 11

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