Screenshots of Syncios Data Transfer for Mac

Data Transfer for Mac Homepage: support phone-to-phone data backup and to retrieve in lossless quality at any time.

data transfer for mac

Connect Two Devices: fully compatible with iOS 13 and the latest Android & iOS devices.

connect two devices

Start Copying Data: Support to transfer almost all files, including contacts, video, SMS, photos, call logs, music, Ebook, bookmarksand more between phone to phone!

start data transfer process

Backup Data to Mac: easily back up data on you iPhone, Android or other mobile to Mac and then retrieve them at any time.

Backup iPhone

Backup Data Process.

Backup iPhone

Restore from Backup Files including PC local backup, iTunes backup, iTunes Library and iCloud data.

Restore from backup file to iphone or android phone

Restore Local Backups on Mac

Restore iphone from Mac local backup file

Restore iTunes Backup Files

Restore iphone from iTunes backup file

Restore iCloud Data:

restore icloud data

Restore iTunes Music & Playlist: sync collected songs & videos from your iTunes Library. Moreover, you can also transfer iTunes backup contacts, SMS, call logs, DCIM photos, notes and bookmarks to your other new Android or iOS device with ease!

Restore iTunes playlist to device
User Say

Ashley Griggs

"Syncios Data Transfer is a Mac application that will prove to be of good use if you're acquiring a new mobile phone and want to sync the data from your old one with the newly purchased device. This effective program might also come in handy to users who need to back up the contents of iOS or Android devices to their computers."