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How to Track Viber Messages Remotely

Nowadays, it seems that people spend their precious time with their smartphones. They use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber and other to keep in touch with many friends. As we all know, Viber is a chat app and free calling software used for iOS and Android devices, it allows free calling and message sharing without involving cell provider phone connection.

Viber generally escapes monitoring and hence, most cell phone spying apps don’t give required results for this messaging app. If you are concerned about what your kid is doing when they spend hours staring at their phone, then tracking their cell phone is a great way to put your mind at ease while keeping a close eye on them.

In this guide, we will tell you how to spy on Viber messages.

Why You Need Track On Viber Messages

Generally speaking, there are two reasons to monitor Viber calls, messages and other activities. Parents around the world have a need to know their children's activities but they have no idea because they cannot monitor their mobile usage and laptop usage with traditional methods. That’s where these monitoring apps and services come in handy. Of course employers also wanna protect their businesses and companies from being a victim of data breach, or information leak.

Parental Monitoring

In fact, some predators use Viber as a platform to look for victims. Children may trust strangers easily, and share too much private information with them, such as credit card numbers and passwords, home and school address, telephone numbers and more information.

Employee Monitoring

Some employees may talk with friends and families on Viber, WhatsApp and other social media apps by using the company-provided mobile phones during working time. On one hand, too much time spent on Viber may decrease employee productivity. On the other hand, some dishonest employees may leak or sell the confidential business information to competitors via Viber.

Catch Cheating Spouse

Are you suffering from the relationships quarrels? Are your partner is not loyal? Or your spouse is not giving enough time to you and lie every time. Is this your condition? Well, no worries, Viber spying app can help you figure out the reality.

Three Methods to Track on Viber Messages

Method One - Track on Viber Messages via PanSpy

PanSpy is an ultimate cell phone spy app available for iOS and Android devices. It assists you in monitoring all WhatsApp messages, media files, calls, Facebook, Snapchat and other messengers. Like other chat hubs, Viber is a perfect place for bullies and predators to lure kids into the trap. Hence, through using PanSpy, you can spy your child’s Viber activity to protect them from dangerous or unwanted interactions.

With PanSpy, you can:

Here are basic steps to track Viber messages on the monitored device:

Step 1. Purchase PanSpy. Browse through all PanSpy packages and select the one that meet your needs. Once you fill out the order form and the payment is accepted, you’ll receive the PanSpy installation guidelines.

Step 2. Install and Set Up. Install PanSpy on the monitored cell phones.

Note. You’ll need to jailbreak or root the target device to make the maximum use of PanSpy.

Step 3. Start Tracking. To view all the monitored device data, including Viber, GPS location, browser history and other activities on monitored phone, log in to PanSpy Control Panel.

Track Viber Messages

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