Syncios Products FAQs & Troubleshooting

License FAQs for Syncios Products

1.I paid but did not receive license code. Why?

You will receive the confirmation email with license code upon the transaction of your order. Please check your inbox.

  • If you do not receive confirmation email with license code, please check the spam folder to see if the auto-generated email is marked as spam.
  • If there is no confirmation email at all, then it must be blocked out by the filter of your email service provider. To retrieve your license code, please refer to Q7. What if I lost the license code.

  • 2.How to register the product?

    Run Syncios Manager/ Syncios Data Transfer/ Syncios Data Recovery, click the Menu button in upper right of the program, and then choose Register. Copy and paste the Email and Code into the registration popup dialog. The registration name is case sensitive, please do not add blank at the beginning or the end of the word.

    3.No downloading link, what should I do?

    1. Syncios Manager for Win- Please download and install the latest Syncios Manager Windows version from:

    2. Syncios Manager for Mac: - Please download and install the latest Syncios Manager Mac version from:

    3. Syncios Data Transfer for Win - Please download and install the latest Syncios Data Transfer Windows version from:

    4. Syncios Data Transfer for Mac - Please download and install the latest Syncios Data Transfer Mac version from:

    5. Syncios Data Recovery for Win - Please download and install the latest Syncios Data Recovery Windows version from:

    6. Syncios Data Recovery for Mac - Please download and install the latest Syncios Data Recovery Mac version from:

    4.My license is invalid. What shall I do?

    There are three possibilities:

    1. Your user name contains punctuation, symbols or special characters.
    For example, the character "Ÿ", the symbol "$", or the punctuation ’, will not be recognized by the program. Some French, Greek, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese or Spanish characters will not be accepted by the program.
    If your license code is invalid due to this reason, please contact [email protected] for a new code with the user name in English characters as you prefer.

    2. Blank spaces are accidentally added.
    Please mind that license information is case-sensitive. Do not enter any extra blank space to the license name or code.

    3. The license does not match the program.
    Please note that we have several similar but different programs. Please match the license with the very program you use.
    For instance, if you purchase Syncios Manager Ultimate, but accidentally download Syncios Data Transfer, then you will fail to register the program.

    5. What if I purchased wrong product?

    If you purchased wrong product, please contact [email protected] with order details. We will change your registration code or refund your order occording to your situation.

    6. Can I use one license on multiple computers?

    No, basically our program’s license code is one license for one computer only.

    7. What if I lost the license code?

    If you accidently lost your registration code, please contact [email protected] with your order receipt or order information. After verified your order, we will send your registration code to you.

    8. Does the license work for both Windows and Mac version?

    No, our program’s license does not work for both Mac and Windows version. Generally, Mac and Windows products are two different programs for two different operation systems, which mean you couldn't register your software for Mac with the license for windows. You need to purchase a Mac version and then enter the license for Mac.

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    Still can not fix your issue? Please contact us via: [email protected]