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4 Ways to Import Music to Huawei P40

It's another year to change a new Huawei handset - Huawei P40, this time Huawei upgrade its camera as well. With the P40-series, Huawei is debuting its XD Fusion Engine, which uses AI to optimize your photos. Huawei was one of the first manufacturers to get on board with AI, and the results on the P40 are impressive.

But before using this new handset, you have to sync data from old phone to new Huawei P40, and music is one of the important contents you need to transfer. This article will share you four efficient ways to transfer music from computer, other devices, iTunes Library and streaming media to Huawei P40.

import music to huawei p40

Method 1: Transfer certain songs or playlist from computer to Huawei P40

If you want to transfer certain songs to Huawei P40 from computer or from other device, then Syncios Manager must be your best choice. By using this, you can select certain music files or folder from computer or from devices which has already connected to computer to Huawei P40.

For you first step, install and launch Syncios Manager on your Windows PC. Launch it and connect Huawei P40 to it through USB cable. If you want to transfer songs from other device, don't forget to connect that phone to computer as well. Once Syncios finish to load your phone, choose 'Media' option to load all audio files.

Transfer Music Folder/Playlists/Album to Huawei P40

Click 'Add' and choose 'Add Folder' to import desired music folder to Huawei P40. Browse any music folder from computer or connected device you like. Then confirm your selection and click 'OK' to import this music album/playlists/folder to Huawei P40.

transfer music folder to huawei p40

Transfer Certain Songs to Huawei P40

If you want to select certain music files to transfer, please click 'Add' and choose 'Add File' instead. Then you are allowed to choose your willing songs from computer or the device which you've connected to computer. Once you made up your selection, click 'Open' to import to Huawei P40.

transfer music file to huawei p40

Tips: If you still encounter any detection problem during the process, please check our Android tutorial for help.

Method 2: Transfer Music from other device to Huawei P40 directly

Apparently, when changing phones, you need to transfer almost everything from the old one to the new one. No matter what phone are you using of, Android or iOS device, transferring data from one to the other directly must be the best solution. Syncios Data Transfer is the right one to solve your problem, it helps to transfer multiple contents as well as music from other device to Huawei P40 directly. You only need two steps to achieve this. Have a look.

Step 1Launch Syncios Data Transfer >> Choose 'Transfer' function >> Connect both phones

For your first step, please download and install Syncios Data Transfer on computer. This program is open for every Windows and Mac users, you can download the program from the download button above. Launch Syncios and connect Huawei P40 and the source phone to computer by using USB cable. (*Tips: For all Android phones, please enable 'USB Debugging' mode in advance, if you don't know how to to it, please refer to 'USB Debugging' tutorial for help.)

Once Syncios has successfully detect both phones, the main interface will show like this. Please make sure your Huawei P40 is on the RIGHT side of the interface, otherwise, please click 'Flip' icon to switch two phones' position.

samsung to huawei p40 transfer directly

Step 2Select 'Music' option >> Click 'Next' to start the process

Click 'Next' button in Step 1 to select certain contents to transfer. As you can see on screen, there is 'Music' option which means you can transfer all audio files from source device to Huawei P40. Simply tick this, or you can tick other contents if you want to transfer at the same time. Then click 'Next' to load all selected contents and click 'Next' again to transfer all music files to Huawei P40.

sync all data from samsung to huawei p40

Tips: If you still encounter any detection problem during the process, please check our Android / iOS tutorial for help.

Method 3: Sync iTunes library & Apple Music to Huawei P40

We've already learned how to transfer music from other device to Huawei P40 directly in Method 2. But if you are an Apple Music user or wish to sync iTunes playlist to Huawei P40, Syncios Data Transfer can still do you a favor to sync music from iTunes Library to Huawei P40. Even the music files you backed up to iCloud can also restore to Huawei P40 easily. Let's see.

Step 1Launch Syncios Data Transfer >> Choose 'Restore' function >> Select 'iTunes Library' option

Launch Syncios Data Transfer on computer and connect Huawei P40 to it via USB cable. Choose 'Restore' module this time, you will see four restoring mode that Syncios offers. Choose 'iTunes Library' option to load iTunes Library and playlists.

transfer itunes library to huawei p40

Step 2Select Apple Music from iTunes Library & Playlists >> Click 'OK' to start

Please make sure you have installed iTunes on computer and login with your Apple account. Then Syncios will detect your iTunes Library and playlists automatically, as well as your Apple Music. Then select the certain music you want and click 'OK'. Click 'Next' to transfer selected Apple Music to Huawei P40.

sync itunes library to huawei p40

Tips: Please enable 'USB Debugging' mode on Huawei P40 while using Syncios. If you still encounter any detection problem during the process, please check our Android tutorial for help.

Method 4: Permanently download Music from Streaming Media to Huawei P40

I believe that most people now use streaming media on their phones to listen music instead of download on MP3, burn to CD ROM, etc... But in some occasions, you need to download these music for offline listening, for example, play music in car, play music on Smart Home, put songs on a USB driver, add a song as background music to make a video... Oh, and there is one more thing you can’t ignore is that you have to subscribe those streaming media to maintain the membership so that you can keep listening various music online or 'offline', and this might cost a lot in a long term.

Why not change another way to listen music, I mean real download music from streaming media to achieve real offline listening. As it is known to all that Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music are popular streaming media in globe, they possess with various music resources. Apple Music allows users to play on specific account, songs can only be download once you bought it. As for Amazon Music, even you have subscribed it, there are only 5 devices can login the account and enjoy music. Though Spotify owns free function, advertisements between songs will not be allowed to skip.

What you need is a very useful and high efficient program for helping you download music from these music media to local. TuneCable’s music downloaders can permanently save music files which download from Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music. To adapt different operating systems and several devices, all downloaded music can be saved in MP3, AAV, WAV and FLAC formats and remain its high music quality. Below is one of the music downloader - Spotify Music Downloader, see how it works.

Part 1: Real download Spotify Music on computer

spotify music downloader
Spotify Music Downloader

This Spotify Downloader helps to download and convert songs that can be played on Spotify at 10x speed. Save converted music to device so that you can offline listen these music on multiple devices. Learn More→

Step 1Install and launch TuneCable's Spotify Downloader on computer. Open your Spotify client or Spotify Web Player as well.

spotify downloader interface

Step 2Click 'Settings' icon from the menu bar to set up output quality. Spotify Downloader supports to download music in the highest 320kbps quality. It also offers 4 music formats - MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV for saving.

set spotify output quality

Step 3Drag the certain playlist or song from Spotify client or web player to TuneCable Spotify Downloader directly. Or you can copy and paste the link from Spotify to the input box. Then click 'OK' to confirm your selection. Finally, click 'Convert' to start conversion.

add spotify music

start to convert spotify music

Step 4Spotify Downloader achieves to download music in 10x speed. After conversion, please go to 'Converted' to check your downloaded Spotify songs. And these songs are all moveable music files, you can import these files to Huawei P40 or any other playable device for playing.

converted spotify music

Part 2: Transfer downloaded Spotify Music to Huawei P40 for free

Here comes a free program for helping you transfer downloaded Spotify songs to Huawei P40!! It's time for you to get rid of the old function - import music to your Huawei which you connect as portable device. This awesome free phone manage tool can backup, restore, delete, edit and manage your phone data conveniently.

syncios mobitrans free
Syncios Mobitrans Free

Syncios MobiTrans Free is a free mobile manager, helps to export and import photos, music, videos and files between PC and your mobile phones. Besides, you are able to view and manage all phone files and folders under file system. Learn More→

Try It Free download syncios manager win

Support: Win 7/8/10

Step 1Now please install and launch Syncios MobiTrans Free on computer first. Then connect your Huawei P40 to it by using the USB cable. And don't forget to enable 'USB Debugging' mode on Huawei P40 in advance.

Step 2Choose 'Music' option and click 'Add' to choose music. Open the folder or directly locate to 'TuneCable Spotify Downloader' to choose certain Spotify Music files. Then start to transfer selected audio file to Huawei P40.

transfer downloaded spotify music to huawei p40

Tips: If you still encounter any detection problem during the process, please check our Android tutorial for help.


Above are four useful methods to solve your problem of importing music to Huawei P40. You can now transfer music from computer, other devices to Huawei P40 directly. What's more, music in iTunes can also be synced to Huawei handset. For whom prefer to download music from Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music can finally achieve their goal! What are you waiting for? Do it now!

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