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How to Print out Text messages on Your Android Device

We may unfortunately get into a court case on our daily life, and sometimes we need the messages on our device as evidence. Since the messages are all saved on our mobile device, do you know how to get them printed out? No worry, this article will help you make a hard copy of your messages from your Android device with ease. So if you are in need to do this, simply read on this article to get the anwser.

Basically, to print the messages out, we need to export them from our Android device firstly. Syncios free Manager, a comprehensive tool designed for managing data on your mobile device, enables us transfer all kinds of data including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, music, videos etc between our mobile device and computer. With the help of this great tool, we are able to get all desired messages from Android device out to computer so that we can print them out. And now let's get started.

Step 1. Download and install Syncios Manager on your computer from below, and then launch it.

Win Version

Step 2. Connect your Android device to computer with an USB cable, follow the instructions showed on the main interface to get your device debugged, and take note the prompts displayed on your phone screen to give Syncios app permissions, otherwise Syncios manager is unable to access your data.

syncios android manager

Step 3.After Syncios successfully connect your device. Click on SMS tab on the left panel, Syncios will display all messages on your Android device, you can check the conversations by clicking on each line.

Step 4. Select your desired messages, then click on Export, set the backup path and click OK, all selected messages will be exported to PC quickly.

export android message to pc

Step 5. Find the folder on your PC, open the folder to locate the html format messages, and open it via IE explorer or other explorers like Google chrome. To print the messages out, find Print button on your explorer or use the shortcut key Ctrl+P.

preview messages on explorer

Step 6. Make sure your computer has been connected to a printer, then customize your desired settings and print out the messages.

print out messages

Syncios Manager allows you backup all kinds of data to PC, and restore them back to your device when needed, support for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this free tool also has many other features, like YouTube video downloading, video and audio format converter, photo or video to GIF maker, etc. Don't hesitate to download and install it on your computer to have a try if you like these features.

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