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How to Print out Text messages or WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Many friends of mine asked me for methods to print out messages and whatsApp messages. If you found this article I bet you might be one of them who also wants to make a hard copy of your messages or WhatsApp messages between you and other individuals, as we know, these messages can be used as evidence for legal purpose. So today I'd like to show you the simple method to print out your text messages or WhatsApp messages on your iPhone. And now let's not keep you waiting and get started.

Since both message and WhatsApp app on iPhone by default don't give us options to print them out, hence we need a third-party tool to help us with that. The main steps are backup all text messages or WhatsApp messages to computer as a readable format, then print them out with the printer, and we'll get a hard copy of these messages we need. The helpful third-party tool called Syncios Data Recovery, a comprehensive iOS data recovery tool, provides three modes to help us back/recover data to computer or iOS device. And now let's get started with the handy program.

tool Syncios Data Recovery

Syncios Data Recovery is a comprehensive iOS data recovery tool, provides 3 recovery modes to retrieve data from your iDevice, iTunes backup and iCloud backup.

  • 1. Recover photos, messages, contacts, as well as App data like WhatsApp conversations, iPhoto, Instagram etc.
  • 2. Preview what you've found before performing recovery.
  • 3. You can choose to extract found data to PC or put them back to device.

Win Version
Mac Version

Syncios Data Recovery Tool

Step 1: Download and install Syncios Data Recovery on your computer, and then launch it. Also, the latest version of iTunes must be installed on your PC or Mac even if you don't need to run them while using Syncios.

Step 2. Select Recover from iOS device mode on the main panel, and connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable, tap Trust on your iPhone screen to let the computer access your data. Syncios would then detect your iPhone automatically, click on Start Scan button.

ios data recovery

Step 3. The program would start analyzing your device, this might take a while according your data size, please be patient. After scanning your device, it will listed all data on your device. You can click each category on the left panel to check.

list all messages

Step 4. To backup text messages or WhatsApp messages to computer, simply check messages or WhatsApp messages option and uncheck others, and click Recover to computer button, after a while, it will recover all messages to your computer successfully.

Step 5. The download folder will be opened automatically, you can view the messages there, and open them with IE explorer or other explorers. For me, I take Google chrome to open it. To print the messages out, find Print button on your explorer or use the shortcut key Ctrl+P. With my Chrome, the button is under Settings > Print.

preview messages on explorer

Step 6. Make sure your computer has been connected to a printer, then customize your desired settings and print out the messages.

print out messages

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Win Version
Mac Version