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How to Export/Import/De-Duplicate Music on Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra

As expected, the official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 announcement has finally come. The Samsung Galaxy Note series are always have more defined corners than S series. Which one do you like better? The Galaxy Note 20 is the same size as the S20+, which has a 6.7-inch display, while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is similar to the S20 Ultra, with a 6.9-inch display. Also, Note 20 Ultra is paired with 120Hz display refresh rate, but disappointingly, Note 20 is stuck back on 60Hz.

When we change to a new Samsung, music must be a necessary part of phone data. So do you want to know the simplest way to manage (export, import and de-duplicate) music on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or 20 Ultra? To save your precious time, we have gathered the methods and wrote as an article for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Part 1. Export Music from Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra to Computer

People are now no longer to particularly prepare a processional music player for listening to music with high quality or buy a perfect video player for a visual feast. That’s because nowadays, smartphones are more than simple communication tools, they’re more like a Multifunctional devices for daily communication and entertainment. So it’s easy to find out that almost all of us have a large collection of good music or playlist by different artists. To avoid losing the music when suffer from system crash unfortunately or any other bad occasions, to save them on a hard drive, to burn the songs into a disc, no matter what, you should be not hesitate to export them from your Samsung Note 20 to computer.

So if need to export music from Samsung (or other Android phone) to computer, multiple choices and achieve the goal, but Syncios MobiTrans Free is the secure, quick, and easy one among them, which should be recommended to you. Using the program, you can transfer your music from Android phones as well as iPhone, to a computer with just a few clicks with ease. It’s an amazing tool to manage types of data on your mobile phones, including music, videos, contacts, messages, and etc., and you can got it for free now! To move music from Samsung to computer, read the details steps below:

Step 1Install Syncios MobiTrans Free
When finished downloading the software, open it on your computer. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to the computer via USB cable. Don't forget to enable debugging mode on your phone. If you don't know how, or you encounter any other problems of detecting, find here.

Syncios Manager

Syncios MobiTrans Free

yes Export or import music, photos, videos between computer and mobile phone.
yes Backup and restore phone contacts, message and call history.
yes Easily view and manage all phone files and folders.
yes Fully compatible with latest iOS and Android OS.
yes Free offers.

Step 2Go to Music Section
When the Samsung being detected successfully, tap on 'Music' tab. Wait for loading, then select songs according to your actual need. Would like to transfer all songs, check the box besides Name to select all items, or check the music you want singly. Next, click on 'Export' button to launch a pop-up window, choose the save path in this window, click on 'Select Folder' option to launch the transfer process.

export Samsung music

Part 2. Import Music to Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra Selectively

For every music lover, no matter where he or she go, music always come with them. And it’s also a common thing to follow the music trend. That means when the singers we like release a new album, we can’t wait to enjoy it at the first time. Always, the latest music would be put on mainstream music service platform, like Spotify, Apple Music and more. Can we manage to transfer songs from these apps to our new Samsung Galaxy Note 20?

Method 1. Import Spotify Music to Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra

If you’re a Spotify user, owns a free account or premium account, you might know that Spotify music uses special Ogg Vorbis as their streaming format. In other words, when you pay for the account, you’re really allowed to download music from Spotify app to your Samsung phone, meanwhile, it really has some limits. When your subscription expires or you don’t go online for more than 30 days, the downloaded songs will be deleted automatically. So if needed, follow the tips below to import Spotify Music to your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 permanently.

However, you can’t do it without the help of professional tool. You’re supposed to change it from protected files into unencrypted audio format that supported by most of the parts of devices. The excellent TuneCable Spotify Downloader enables you to record Spotify and then convert Spotify songs from Ogg Vorbis to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC format, keeping 100% original quality and recording in a fast conversion speed.

Step 1Get the Link from Spotify
Install and run the converter on your computer. When you see the Spotify app that pop up automatically. Type the name of the music, singer or album into the search box, or directly navigate the music from your playlist. Then put your mouse over the cover of music, drag & drop it to the interface of TuneCable software. Wait for analyzing.

analyze Spotify music

Step 2Change the Settings and Start to Transfer
Before start converting, remember to change the output settings as you like, output format, conversation mode, output quality, conversation speed and so on are all available for customizing. Then click on 'Convert' to start the process. Once finished converting the music. Hit on 'Converted' tab to browse the history of converted songs.

change converter settings

Step 3Import the Downloaded Music to Samsung Note 20
Now, open Syncios MobiTrans Free on your computer. Go to Music module again. Click on 'Add' button and you would see 'Add File' and 'Add Folder' two option. Select one to launch a new window, navigate the local folder that save the well-converted Spotify music, and click on 'Open' to transfer. If you can’t find the path, you can open Settings page on the converter to check.

import Spotify Music Samsung music

Method 2. Import Apple Music to Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra

Except for Spotify Music, Apple Music are also widely-used among people, especially for iOS devices users. If you change an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 20, or you wish to sync playlist on Apple Music to Samsung, you can also choose to record and then convert the music to a common audio files.

It’s the same that you should use converter for help, and TuneCable's philosophy is to provide the best products and service to music lovers, so it had also launched dedicated all-in-one Apple Music Convertor which is particularly designed for Apple Music. That can help us not only recording Apple Music, but also convert M4A/M4B/AA/AAX audiobooks and M4P music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, or AAC and etc.

Step 1Use the Converter to Convert Apple Music
Launch Apple Music Converter on computer. Click on '+' button in the middle of the interface, the contents of your iTunes Library as well as your playlist will be loaded automatically, check items you want and click on 'OK' button to continue.

choose apple music to record

Step 2Transfer Apple Music to Unprotected Format
Change the output settings before the process begin. When everything get ready, close the Settings window and now tap on 'Convert' button to save Apple Music as MP3 or other available formats. When finished converting, the program will inform you how many successfully-converted songs in this process.

change converter settings

Step 3Transfer Converted Songs to Samsung Note 20
It’s time to import the converted music into Samsung Note 20. And the detailed steps can refer to the Method 1, Step 3.

import Apple Music to Samsung music

Part 3. De-Duplicate Music on Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra

You know how to export or import music to or from Samsung Galaxy Note 20 now. But sometimes, repeated songs show up in our phone music playlist, singly delete them is really time-consuming. Can we stop from being hassled by find out two duplicated songs one by one? Open the Syncios MobiTrans Free and follow the steps given below:

Step 1Open Syncios MobiTrans Free, still click the Music module. Scroll down the list to browse your music. You might find that some of the songs appear twice or even three time. To completely find out and merge the repeated songs, tap on 'De-Duplicate' button.

delete repeated songs on Samsung

Step 2In the Delete Duplicates page, you're supposed to select one or more columns (Names, Artists, Album) that may contains the duplicates as search criteria. And you can view the detailed contents in the list. Then, click on 'Delete Duplicate' button to begin.

delete repeated songs on Samsung

Once finished the de-duplicate process, you will see a prompt informing you this:

delete repeated songs on Samsung

You can also learn from a video tutorial:


As above, you’ve known about the best all-in-one software Syncios MobiTrans Free to help you export, import and de-duplicate music on a Samsung, or any other Android or iOS devices. Certainly, if you would like to transfer music from streaming services to Samsung, you need to use powerful converter to convert them in advance, and TuneCable provides us with a perfect answer.