Restore iTunes/iCloud Backup to iOS 14 Device

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No Overwriting - Restore iTunes/iCloud backup to iOS 14 iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

If you need an official way to restore iCloud and iTunes backup to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, you can Google it and get various tutorials. What we are going to talk about is how to restore iTunes and iCloud backups to iOS 14 device ( or other iOS device running iOS 5 above) without iTunes, without data overwriting, without removing all data and settings from your device. Follow the tutorial below.

restore iTunes and iCloud backup to iOS 14 Device

Syncios Data Transfer is the very tool you are looking for if you want to restore iTunes and iCloud backup to your iOS device, which enables you to transfer, backup, and restore files with only few clicks.

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  • Part 1. Restore iTunes Backup to iOS 14 Device (No Overwriting)

    Check the following steps to restore iTunes backup with the assistance of Syncios Data Transfer. iTunes is not needed. And you don't need to reboot your iOS device for restoring iCloud backup.

    Step 1: Connect iOS 14 Device to Computer

    Downloading buttons provided above enable you to download Syncios Data Transfer. Get a Window version or Mac version as you wish. Then connect iOS 14 Device to computer. Choose Trust this computer on iOS 14 Device screen during the connection.

    iphone iTunes backup retore tool

    Step 2: Choose iTunes Backup to Restore

    If you synced iOS device with iTunes on computer, iTunes backup will be saved on your computer. Go to Restore mode then tap iTunes Backup, Syncios can detect saved backups on your computer and make a list for you. Choose one backup you need then click on Next.

    select contents from iTunes backup to retore to iPhone

    Step 3:Restore Contents from iTunes Backup to iOS 14 Device

    Choose contents you need from the iTunes backup then hit Next to load data. After a confirmation, hit Next one more time to initiate the transfer. After a while, all selected contents will be restored to your iOS 14 device. Your iOS device will reboot to refresh and import files to your device properly. Do not disconnect your iOS 14 device until you see a prompt that says the restore is completed successfully. All backup files will merge with the existing data on your iOS 14 device.

    restore iTunes backup to iOS 14 Device

    Part 2. Transfer Old iOS Data from iCloud Backup to iOS 14 Device (No Overwriting)

    With Syncios Data Transfer, you can restore iCloud backup to your iOS 14 device without erasing all data and settings. All imported files will merge with the existing data, which achieves a real restore perfectly.

    Step 1: Connect iOS 14 Device to Computer

    Start Syncios Data Transfer on computer then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which is running iOS 14 now to computer with its USB cable. Select Trust this computer on your iOS device when asked. Unlock the connected phone to check prompts.

    restore iCloud backup to Google Pixel 4a

    Step 2: Log in with iCloud Account

    After your iOS device is connected successfully, choose Restore mode from the primary interface. Four ways to restore data, now we choose restore from iCloud Backup. Then log in with your iCloud account. The private information is well protected by privacy policy. Your account information could not be recorded. We just need it to download iCloud backup. It's total safe.

    log in with iCloud account

    Step 3: Download iCloud Backup

    All iCloud backup are loaded from your iCloud account. Get the one you need according to its backup data, size and iOS version. Then click on OK to close the pop-up window. Click on Next button on the lower right.

    download iCloud backup

    Step 4: Transfer Files from iCloud Backup to iOS 14 Device

    You need to choose contents you need then click Next to load data. Afterwards, check if your phone connected well then start the transfer by tapping Next again. All files you select will be restored from the iCloud backup to your iOS 14 device without overwriting the existing files.

    restore contents from iCloud backup to iOS 14 device


    This tutorial offers different ways to restore iTunes and iCloud backup without complicated steps. As a mobile device owner, a useful phone helper could save you a lot of time when you are in phone-problem trouble. Keep this article in case you need it later. If this guide helps, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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