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Syncios: Free iOS & Android Manager

Easiy Transfer Apps, Music, Photos and More Between PC and iDevice/Android

  • Ultimate File Transfer Solution between PC & iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android Phone.
  • Free iOS & Android Manager: Music, Videos, Photos, Apps, Contacts, Messages and More.
  • Download Videos from 100+ Video Sharing Sites and Transfer to iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android.
  • Massive Free Resources: Wallpapers, Ringtones.
  • Handy Toolkit: Audio converter, Video converter, Ringtone Maker, etc.

Review: Syncios takes over for iTunes & also can manage your Android phone easily

We all know how powerful iTunes is. But it’s been made pretty clear that most people don’t like iTunes. What if you still need to transfer things from your computer to your iOS device? Syncios is a handy iTunes alternative, but also performs a great Android Manager. How do you think of Syncios? What about they?



Thank you for bringing out this product!

Thank you for bringing out this product (version 6.6.3). It was very useful for me in transferring music from Ipod Touch to Iphone 11. I could copy selective songs too apart from the bulk copy of Music. This product also gave lot of details of Iphone 11 hardware. Very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Roger L Browning


Highly recommend this product!

I have spend several days looking for software that I can use to transfer music from my iPod to my iMac/iPhone. This was an old iPod that I have used to collect my own personal music over many years. It included songs from Apple, as well as my own. I don’t like that Apple has blocked me from transferring my personal music, but understand their business decision. This was a one time process and did not want to subscribe to Apple’s services. Before finding Syncios, I was confronted with software that was limited to the number of songs transferable, and imbedded MalWare. Syncios has neither. The process was very straight forward to use and completed quickly. I highly recommend this product to users in the same situation I was in.



I love this app!

I love this app and it is easy to use, thank you.

Dave Hollings


The best Android to iOS transfer software!

Hello, I just want to thank you for having the only Android to iOS transfer software that actually does what it is advertised to do. I tried several other transfer applications before yours, and they all took my money, but none of them actually worked. I'm pretty sure Syncios is the only software that functions properly for transferring date from Android to iOS on the entire web.

Villainous Vigilante


Easily get all I needed off my old ipod!

I just downloaded this today! My ipod is so old that i am afraid to sync to the updated itunes in fear that i would lose all of my manually imported media from CDs that i no longer own! But with this, i could easily get all i needed off of my ipod using the export tool! and, better yet, i really don't even have to use itunes anymore if i didn't want to! Great software! I highly recommend it!



Excellent after-sales service!

This program has one of the best methods for contacting the developers with ideas and concerns. I've seen many programs fail at this or leave out contact information or there is no direct / easy way to contact people for help with ideas or concerns. Gj

Mustafa Elmohandes


It's really very useful!

Thank you for this great software. It's really very useful. Thank you :)

Kyle Maddox


Your Loyal Customer!

One of the best transfer programs out there for linking iPhone to Windows PC! Definitely makes up for all the stuff iTunes lacks! Keep up the amazing work! Your Loyal Customer.

Aral Gonsalves


Recovered my lost data!

"I ran the trial of Syncios Data Recovery and it did very well. It found over 19,000 camera roll photos, 15,000 app photos, and over 100 app videos. I'm using an iPad mini 4 with 64g memory."



100% working

100% working without the need to root the phone.

Kainat Ahmad


You gave a great first impression. Well Done!

Thank you for your program to copy my old school Ipod music to my new computer...really made my day!!

Michael Coates


I truly can’t say enough good things about this product!

Major panic this morning, I delete an important note when I first woke up so I went into the recently deleted section to move it back and accidentally tapped the permanently delete icon - I just didn't realise what I was doing. Lots of very important information gone - whoops! Couldn't find much mention of backups for deleted notes anywhere until I found this program. Hooked up my iPhone to my Mac, ran the scan from the iPhone directly and amazingly, the old note was there and I could simply copy and paste the information I needed back into notes. For this app to allow such access so I could save my work is brilliant - I'll be keeping hold of this program now and should I ever need to go more in depth I wouldn't hesitate in buying it. Thanks!

Nesanel Peterman


I have been using Syncios for several years.

Thank you for Syncios Manager which is a great program/app combo that I have been using on Android phones for several years.




truly a wonderful experience, its so easy to use and is so uncluttered. the ui is a breath of fresh air compared to itunes. Smashing!

Laura Farrimond


Many thanks!

Your software is brilliant. My old computer with Itunes had packed up, but with Syncios i was able to xfer all my music files to a new computer then xfer to Itunes. Can now get rid of old computer. Many thanks


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