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Syncios: Free iOS & Android Manager

Easiy Transfer Apps, Music, Photos and More Between PC and iDevice/Android

  • Ultimate File Transfer Solution between PC & iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android Phone.
  • Free iOS & Android Manager: Music, Videos, Photos, Apps, Contacts, Messages and More.
  • Download Videos from 100+ Video Sharing Sites and Transfer to iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android.
  • Massive Free Resources: Wallpapers, Ringtones.
  • Handy Toolkit: Audio converter, Video converter, Ringtone Maker, etc.

Review: Syncios takes over for iTunes & also can manage your Android phone easily

We all know how powerful iTunes is. But it’s been made pretty clear that most people don’t like iTunes. What if you still need to transfer things from your computer to your iOS device? Syncios is a handy iTunes alternative, but also performs a great Android Manager. How do you think of Syncios? What about they?

LeeAnn Hoskin


Thank you.

I had been trying to delete the ringtones from 3 mths now, at last managed to do it with Syncios. Thank you.

David Taylor


This is everything iTunes should be and isn't.

This program is amazing! It's all I ever wanted iTunes to do since 2007 when I bought my first iPhone. So easy to use! This is everything iTunes should be and isn't.

Abdou Aziz Sahadou


I am really impressed!

As per the title. Outstanding peice of software. Does exactly what it says at a fraction of the time iTiunes takess.Incredibly easy interface allows you to (in the case of music) very easily create new playlists, and then add tracks. I am really impressed!

J. Todd Foreman


You gave a great first impression. Well Done.

I appreciate your constant communication throughout the whole process. Keeping a line of continual feedback, to and from, is imperative. The line of communication also provided a huge first impression of you, the business retailer I am working with. If my first impression of the retailer is not good then I will not purchase anything based off my impression. The process I have described is the same with probably 75 percent of the population. So you gave a great first impression when you replied quickly. The follow-on impressions were excellent as well. All of your communication is what will keep me a customer who will be watching your company for the foreseeable future. Well Done.

Robyn Linsey Joffe


I truly can’t say enough good things about this product

Syncios has created a truly remarkable product in their Syncios Mobile Data Transfer program. Considering how much we as a society rely on our phones, being able to back up all of the apps, contacts, pictures, and other data on them is an absolute must. My phone has been giving me some trouble lately, and I was advised to reset it. However, doing that would mean that I’d lose everything on it. I Googled a ton of directions for backing up contacts, pictures, etc., but having to do a thousand different things was needlessly overwhelming. Luckily, I found Syncios Mobile Data Transfer. This program features a one-click way to back up twelve different kinds of data from your phone—say goodbye to your collection of directions! It also does phone-to-phone transfers, restores from backups in lossless quality, and can recover iTunes and iCloud files as well. The best part though, as a Blackberry Android user, is the fact that it is multiple OS supported. I had no trouble whatsoever connecting my Blackberry PRIV Android phone to my Windows 7 PC, and with just one click I was transferring everything I wanted to keep from my phone to my computer’s harddrive. I truly can’t say enough good things about this product. Depending on what you keep on your phone, it can be a lifesaver (or at least a work saver!), and I’m so glad that I found it.




Your Software is Amazing... I was suggested And will be suggest to everyone person to use this Software.... Thank You for this software SyncIos Team



FANTASTIC application

FANTASTIC application thank you for all your hard work and sharing for free!



Best syncing utility

One of the best syncing utility that I ever had. Best of luck to the Syncios



Very nice and wonderful

Super software. It is very nice and wonderful. Thanks for providing a good free software.



The best of its kind

I have been using the free version for a while and its absolutely the best of its kind in the marketplace.



Very happy with it.

Had to purchase this. Much better than iTunes and supports all of my devices, iPods, Android and Windows. Very happy with it. Keep up the good work.



Thank you

Thank you for making this app! This is a great tool for apple users!!! :) More powers!!




have just tried it for first time , very impressed



Thank you

Very useful software better than i-tunes but please add some new features to it like adding new softwares and jailbreak .etc thank you ......



Much better than iTunes!

I just got an iPhone X and tried to iTunes v12.7.3 to sync my music and photos. First, it was very tricky for me to have the music synced until I figure out hot to add the local music to the iTunes library first. Not very straight forward but oh well. Then I tried syncing my photos, in the past, when you go to the Photos tab under your iPhone, there is a sync all or specific folders, now that's gone in the latest iTunes. So I hit sync, nothing happens! It just finishes instantly and no photos are copied. I researched this a lot and couldn't find an answer until I stumbled upon Snycios and what a breeze it was, it opens up an Explorer like interface just like you have in Windows, you simply click add folder or file and navigate to the photos folder that you want (or any media for that matter) and the syncing starts instantly and what's evern nicer, it actually retains the folder hierarchy whereas with iTunes it puts all the photos under one folder making it very hard to find a specific photo as oppsed to have them neatly organized in albums!


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