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Syncios: Free iOS & Android Manager

Easiy Transfer Apps, Music, Photos and More Between PC and iDevice/Android

  • Ultimate File Transfer Solution between PC & iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android Phone.
  • Free iOS & Android Manager: Music, Videos, Photos, Apps, Contacts, Messages and More.
  • Download Videos from 100+ Video Sharing Sites and Transfer to iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android.
  • Massive Free Resources: Wallpapers, Ringtones.
  • Handy Toolkit: Audio converter, Video converter, Ringtone Maker, etc.

Review: Syncios takes over for iTunes & also can manage your Android phone easily

We all know how powerful iTunes is. But it’s been made pretty clear that most people don’t like iTunes. What if you still need to transfer things from your computer to your iOS device? Syncios is a handy iTunes alternative, but also performs a great Android Manager. How do you think of Syncios? What about they?



The program has just worked flawlessly!

I've been a long time supporter of your program for quite a few years now, it has always been reliable and easy to use! No matter what iPhone I've used over the years, the program has just worked flawlessly!



Great program indeed

Really love all the frequent updates & improving features. I hope to be my top new fav program to ditch Itunes and mediamonkey, and to download videos/music, and manage my Ipod playlists and songs etc. I would be fully Glad to Donate or Purchase program asap. Like many many others, I do not really like itunes or use to transfer music to and from my Ipod, as Itunes is too restricted, and limited. I do still have the very latest itunes installed on my pc, and I have it set Not to sync automatically when ipods are connected, so my itunes does not open automatically when program and ipod are connected.



Great work. Keep it up.

I'm an embedded software engineer with Tait Electronics Just wanted to pass on my thanks for developing such a great product. Apple has been forever increasing its grip on things, and your utility is a breath of fresh air. Great work. Keep it up.




sir thanx for this software...... my itune is properly worked soo this software is look like itune ...... my need of itune is fulfill by this soft ....thanx a lot



What a Brilliant piece of Software

Guy's What a Brilliant piece of Software, absolutely No Faffing About with Waiting for Complerte Upload then Back to Phone Download's (For Really Absolutely No Logical Reaslon I can think of.!) Even just Transsferring 1 X Song File even just Just One Photo is a real Breeze, So intuitive very Very easy to learn if not to just do off the Cuff... Thank You... And keep up the Great Work...



Thank you for your software!

I just use your tool since less than one hour but I feel already so grateful to be able to manage my contacts and files with your free version that I would be happy to support you and buy your product if I can afford. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for your software!



Thank you!!

I think your product is amazing! It's so easy to use and so great for transferring data...so thank you!



Thank you

Buen dia a todos Tengo que agradecer la facilidad y calidad de sus aplicaciones, hacen mas facil la interaccion con mis telefonos sin importar el sistema operativo. Felicito a la epresa y a tosos sus empleados por sus esfuerzo.



Offering everything I was looking for

Après des mois de bataille avec ITunes pour me créer des sonneries persos, je découvre Syncios, et c'est fait, immédiatement. Facile d'accès, offrant tout ce que je recherchais, synchronisation inclue. Le top. Merci aux programmeurs. After months of battle with ITunes to create me personal ringtones, I discovered Syncios, and it's done, immediately. Easy to access, offering everything I was looking for, including synchronization. The top. Thanks to the programmers.



Worked perfectly

Thank you heaps. I have spent hours looking for a free way to get my music onto iTunes (I have a new computer). Worked perfectly.




thank you the freeware did the job backed up all my data on my ios iphone before reset. im certain your data recovery must work a charm based on the cleaness and speed of your freeware software. Will surely give it a try if and when I need it... Thanks again guys!!!



Thank you

Itunes has been giving me grief! I am going to tell everyone about your program!



Syncios is the best

Great job. Since itunes does not allow to manage iphone app anymore, Syncios is the best and gonna be the standart for all mac users for sure.



Better and smoother than itunes

works so much better and smoother than itunes, easy and fast to use. love it.



Great work!

Thank you very much for creating this awesome app. It’s so much better and intuitive than iTunes. Great work!


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